Interview: Wayne Luke (Jelsoft)

By The Sandman · May 3, 2004 ·
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    Interview: Wayne Luke (Jelsoft)

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  2. Anonymous

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    Quite an interesting interview. Thanks
  3. Chroder

    Chroder Participant

    Very cool :D

    What is Wicca anyway? Whenever I used to search it, it brang up all this witchcraft stuff -- is that the inaccurate representations you're talking about?
  4. Wayne Luke

    Wayne Luke Tazmanian

    Actually, with Wicca we use Magick as prayer and so therefore it is considered to be Witchcraft by less tolerant religions. We have in turn taken this term as a power word and made it our own. It is more the style of practice that is written about and historical falsehoods that I am more interested in addressing over time.

    What it is actually is the worship of a Divine Creatress or Goddess and her Consort, the God. From them all life sprang or was created to live in balance and harmony. Unfortunately, given the current state of the planet, we haven't done that very well. The path or tradition (similar to Christian Demoninations) that I follow was codified in the 1960's but it strives to bring back a more traditional form of worship close to what was practiced in Britain before Christianity.

    In our religion we do not believe that a priest or priestess needs to connect the people to the divine or that the divine lives in some ethereal place. We believe the spark of divinity is within every living thing including plants and animals and that all life is sacred. It should only be taken for sustenance or self-defense. In our religion because of this divine spark, each person is their own priest or priestess. My wife's and my roles within our group is as teachers and counselors for those just joining the path or as we call them Seekers. From there they undergo a series of lessons to connect to the Goddess and God on their own. When they reach a sufficient level of knowledge to do this on their own, they go out and teach others. However, we don't seek students ourselves as that is forbidden. The students seek us out.

    Many call Wicca an Initiatory Mystery Religion. This simply means that in order to learn the religion you have to experience it. I first learned about the religion when I was 16 (17 years ago) and read a little on it. I have been studying in earnest since late 1999 and my wife started studying in 1997. We started our group last year under guidance of our initiators or teachers and moved fully unto our own this year at Imbolc (February 2nd).

    The religion of Wicca celebrates 8 sabbats or holidays every year. These are the solstices and equinoxes and the days immediately between them. These holidays follow the cycle of the world from Autumn through Summer to repeat again.

    Anyway, if you want to learn more please check out the link in my signature and we will answer any questions. My username on there is Nuada Stormbringer and My Wife's is Setanta.
  5. Syn

    Syn Dance Maniac

    Great interview Wayne, I really enjoyed the questions and answers given in this. I did have a Wiccan girlfriend sometime in the past, and I have to say that if I had more time at the time, I would have learned more about the religion.

    I wish you the best on the festival and the best on your e-book as well, I'd like to get a hold of it once it is finished. You're doing an awesome job over at Jelsoft and here's to more quarters of success for you and the team. ^_^

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