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    Mental health site, users like inspirational quotes. We have a form for them to add quotes to our list, and a sidebar banner that displays a random quote as a graphic. Now they want a page displaying our entire collection. I have no problem creating it, but I'm not much of an inspirational quotes person so I don't understand the purpose of the page and, therefore, what features does it need.

    I looked at a few inspirational quotes sites; they tile the quotes, have filters by author/topic, and social media buttons on each quote. So it looks like their users' goal is to find a good quote and post it on social media. I asked my users, and they like tiles (and/or carousel), filter by topic, up/downvote, and maybe a list of top contributors. They don't seem to want the social media part; some won't use it but don't care if it's there or not, others are actively against even having it there. So what do they want that page for? To just browse through quotes? And once they found the one they like - what do they want to do with it?

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated :)
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    Always analyze, this is a situation or problem?
  3. Erin Nicole

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    Mine is in my signature. It is my favorite quote. Also love “Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional.” That one helped me through my toughest times and continues helping me. <3
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