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Discussion in 'Increasing Traffic' started by Indra Kumar, Jun 28, 2018.

  1. Indra Kumar

    Indra Kumar Neophyte

    I've just started blogging and getting a heart throbbing social shares on my site but it lacks a lot of viewers and the contents are all real and is adsense approved. Now I want to get an answer on how to increase my organic search traffic from Google and other social platforms.

    Also I wanted to know the special and some tricks on SEO to drive traffic to my blog.

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  2. MyLead

    MyLead Aspirant

    There are two things that are required for SEO/SERP traffic:
    1. Optimized SEO text (relevant H1 headers (just one) and the next H2 and H3 headers [in mid-headers keywords, necessary in H1], minimum 500, preferably 1000 words), keywords at the level of 1-2%. It's also good to do internal linking.
    2. Focus on getting links targeting our post. We can use social media here, thematic forums, entries in guest books, etc.
  3. johnmart

    johnmart Aspirant

    The challenges for any business is to make sure that when people look for a product or service like yours, they find you and not a competitor. Traffic that arrives at your website through a search engine result from traffic that arrives from other referring channel likes paid ads or another site links to you. If you want to increase organic traffic on your blog or website, you can follow some basic point as-

    • Create Good Content with Visual Representation
    • Identify your website’s bad & good links
    • Remove and disavow bad backlinks
    • Blog about your user’s questions and problems
    • Be a contributor to reputable sites in your industry
    • Do keywords research and create a keyword database
    • Optimize your metadata and content
    • Create quality content on a regular basis
    • Create a powerful internal linking system
    • Encourage readers to link to your website
    • Monitor your SEO progress and the incoming links
    • Informative! Informative! x 1
    • List
  4. Venkatweetz

    Venkatweetz Aspirant

    This is very insightful. It will be a checklist for any optimizers.
  5. GrrasSolutions

    GrrasSolutions Aspirant

    If you want more traffic then focus on analysis part because
    • What people expect with you?
    • Are you reply on comments or queries on same time?
    • Do you post content who fulfill your customer needs?
    • Which type of keywords you use in the blog?
    • Do you use punch lines and attractive images?
    Etc.… are the important factors who plays an important role to increase the traffic on your blog.
  6. overcast

    overcast Adherent

    I think visitor profile building can be a way to optimize for the search traffic. If you have any such specific profile in mind, you get to see who is coming to your site and how you can extend this visitor profile for more traffic. This applies to all niche including OPs blog or forum.
  7. martin smith

    martin smith Participant

    To increase organic search traffic :
    1. Genuine content
    2. Optimized images
    3. Responsive website
    4. Backlinks from high domain authority websites
    5. Optimized URL
    6. Targetted keywords... etc
  8. wiraloka

    wiraloka Neophyte

    Below are some tricks that you can do SEO technique to drive more traffics to your blog :
    1. write useful and quality content regularly
    2. write article for human, not write for search engine
    3. build responsive website and fast loading
    4. custom your menu for easy navigation
    5. make your site mobile friendly
    6. learn all about SEO technique to improve your skill
    7. and much more...
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