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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by GhostHunterJim, Apr 23, 2017.

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    I have this idea for a niche real estate listing website I'm interested in doing as a business. The idea is that I would have real estate agents and/or homeowners, post the listings. I've discussed this with a real estate lawyer and he has indicated that it's possible to do as an LLC or C Corp, if I remember the terms correctly.

    The niche part of this idea is that the listings would be comprised primarily of properties that are known to be haunted or could potentially become haunted do to the history of the land they sit on. I'm also interested in inviting real estate agents to join my site/forum to share their stories of encounters they have had with unexplained and potentially paranormal experiences. I already know that there is a lucrative market for this sort of thing based on conversations I've had with a real estate agent (who has had experiences in this area) and other investigators and psychics in the paranormal community.

    My question is, would I need to start my business before putting the site up, or can I put the site up first. The thing is that I'm not a real estate agent or in the real estate business.
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    GhostHunterJim So what do you need a business license for exactly? Simply for taxes? Would you be taken payment from the real estate agents and/or homeowners for their listings? If that is the case that idea might be best suited for a actual website and not a forum. Kinda like Zillow for hunted real estate. In most states you can start a business without actually having a business license. You would just need to contact you tax commission office to file for a DBA ( doing business as) and you would simply files a IRS-1099 tax form every 90 days as you are the sole owner. As for the LLC. You would use to protect your personal assets in the event of a lawsuit on your business where the LLC takes the blow and not your personals. LLCs are normally very cheaps (around $100) which you can file all by yourself at your state tax office without the help from legal zoom or who ever.

    I'm a business owner and have been through all the legal mumbo jumbo over and over. I own a tobacco business so the amount of filing and tax forms I fill out on on a monthly basis is over the top.

    Anyways as for your forum idea. I would recommend exploring the possibility of a website rather than a forum as you could do everything you are speaking of via a website rather than a message board.
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    Thank you for the information. Yes, I agree, a website would be more suitable in order to post listings. I was planning on taking payment for allowing agents and home owners to posting listings on the website for a period of time. I saw a real estate site for agents where they had a thread where they were swapping stories about haunted homes, stigmatized properties and what their experiences were. I thought it would be interesting to have a similar forum on the same site where agents and homeowners can share their experiences they've had with unexplained happenings and potential paranormal activity. The lawyer I spoke with indicated I would need to make it clear that those posting listings would need to state in the listing what type of "activity" they have experienced or the homeowner has experienced in addition to whether or not the property has been investigated, who investigated it and any supporting documentation and potential evidence collected in case there was a chance that if someone bought the home and it wasn't haunted, I would be protected. That's kinda paraphrasing, lol. No pun intended.

    I've been a paranormal investigator for about 10 years, and I thought this would be an interesting avenue to explore. I know from talking with other paranormal investigators would jump at the chance to purchase a property that has reports and credible evidence of paranormal activity.

    For instance, Zak Bagans, host and paranormal investigator on the paranormal show 'Ghost Adventures' purchased the alleged 'Demon' house in Gary, Indiana for roughly $35,000.

    Here are some other examples of haunted homes for sale:
  4. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Tazmanian

    Do I get a discount if it's haunted ?
  5. GhostHunterJim

    GhostHunterJim Participant

    I'm sorry. I don't understand your question. Can you elaborate, please?
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