I have a very good .io keyword domain but

Discussion in 'Forum SEO' started by Gosu, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. Gosu

    Gosu Aspirant


    On one of my sites, I am trying to rank for a keyword lets say "samplekeyword". It has high search volume.

    To match the keyword I created a subdomain "sample". To make it: "sample.keyword.io" (its .io not .com)


    So if someone searches "samplekeyword" I am trying to appear in search results for this keyword.

    Thanks to my lack of research I found a website "samplekeyword.io" already exists but it's parked.

    So my question is can I compete with sample.keyword.io against samplekeyword.io website? Should I just change it back to keyword.io and remove "sample" from it.

    sample.keyword.io -> My subdomain domain (Keep this?)
    keyword.io -> my domain which redirects to the subdomain (Keep this?)

    samplekeyword.io -> Competing domain parked by someone else.
  2. UnitedFront

    UnitedFront Aspirant

    If I'm getting this correctly (might not be the case as it's getting late here in the afternoon and I need a coffee), you're asking if a sub domain is better than using a main domain, my advice would be stick with a main domain and grow it into an authority domain. Don't get too caught up with all that stuff though because the main thing is you have checked the keyword competition correctly.

    How exactly do you analyze this may I ask because it's VERY important you get it right, else you may end up with a lot of wasted time and money. When I'm checking keyword competiton I normally break it down into different steps:

    1. I'll start by "allintitle:" and other types of footprint checks via Google, you should find out how many competing websites have the keyword in their titles/other types of structures.

    2. Check out the top 20 competition results back links/social signals/overall domain authority scores/and more.

    Handy tools consist of semrush.com ahref.com services etc. I always check this stuff before I even attempt to touch any keywords.
  3. SarbjitGrewal

    SarbjitGrewal Aspirant

    As per my understanding, you have a subdomain with sample.keyword.io domain and you want to move it on samplekeyword.io that you want to rank in search engine. You can definitely compete with that particular domain that has very high popularity. Dot io is a very popular extension in domain names.
  4. Gosu

    Gosu Aspirant

    I own sample.keyword.io but not samplekeyword.io (this is owned by someone else). I wanted to know if sample.keyword.io can rank well.
  5. we_are_borg

    we_are_borg Moderator

    Its a little harder but it should work the keyword.io is the most important one. The subdomain is harder to target but its not impossible there are companies that do brand.ownstore.tld and get good ranking.
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