"I give up!"

Discussion in 'Managing an Online Community' started by paradox235, May 1, 2012.

  1. paradox235

    paradox235 Adherent

    Are there any admins out there who have never thought of giving up on their forums after not seeing results? I don't think there are! Frustration is inevitable for most admins. No matter how hard you try, some sites just won't get active.

    Have you ever felt like giving up on your side? What made you want to either keep going or quit?
  2. I've had days where the only reason the more obnoxious members were still left alive and forum not bombed was it was too much trouble to shoot the *sses and I might feel better about the forum after a few drinks.
  3. ARG_aaf

    ARG_aaf Devotee

    I have given up many times due to a non-active site. In fact I recently shut my design site down just a few days ago. I normally give a forum about three months. If it doesn't catch on then I simply move on to something else and put the domain up for sale or find an alternate application for it.

  4. PinoyFused

    PinoyFused Aspirant

    I almost give up on my forum when it failed after managing it base on the plan I've made. Well its normal because managing forum is not that easy.
  5. razelia

    razelia Participant

    I've given up a couple of forums when things got out of hand. Frankly speaking, it was my own fault since I didn't have enough time to look after it much. I did just shut it down and open another one, though in a different niche. And those ones are usually the ones that prosper more for me. Learn from your mistakes, I guess.
  6. dojo

    dojo Passionate admin

    Well, I have up in the past and probably will give up in the future, you never know. When life and other commitments get in the way, you need to choose. And then the forum is not always the one to win :D

    I don't recommend anyone to drop a project too soon, but not having success for a long time can surely make someone ditch a project.
  7. Shawn G

    Shawn G Tazmanian Addict

    The only reasons I have given up in the past was the forum didn't make it after a year of being open. I have let go quite a few forums recently though but that is mainly so I can focus on my big ones and lighten my work load :) I am trying to make things easier on myself :p
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