I found a tabbed layout that I like for WSC 3.0

Discussion in 'WoltLab Burning Board' started by Splinter2, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Splinter2

    Splinter2 Aspirant

    As I've always liked the neat tabbed layout such as with TAZ and many others, it took me a while to find one for my forum using WoltLab Forum 5.0, as there weren't any showing in the Wolt plugin page.
    CLS-design have a tabbed style/theme called Nexus and I'm assured that it will be compatible with the WSC 3.1 update on 15th January.
    The main attractions for tabs are (for me anyway) the easy navigation between pages and the flexibility. At the moment I use the top menus system with drop-downs, but using tabs I'll create a home tab showing all the latest posts, then a forum tab to show the forum boards, a gallery tab etc etc.
    This is how the Nexus style looks in action.
  2. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Opinionated asshat

    CLS-design has some nice styles out. When I had my Linux site up using WBB I was using one of their styles.
  3. Splinter2

    Splinter2 Aspirant

    Well, I finally bought the Nexus style/theme and it's looking great, much slicker than my current layout and I should put it out for all the members later today or tomorrow, once I've figured out how to set the landing page and sorted out the background.
    As expected with anything WoltLab related, you pretty much have to figure most of it out yourself since support is limited to put it mildly. So much so that i really should put together some how-to threads as their help guides are useless.
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