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Discussion in 'Forum SEO' started by Guerrera, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Guerrera

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    Research a keyword. Check search volume, competitiveness, etc. Fine. Restructure page to include keyword sparingly. Fine.

    But how on earth do I make a site whose content consists purely of what other people create show up on my intended keywords? The two aren't compatible.

    I'm getting incoming keywords for all sort of bizarre and irrelevant crap. How do I home in on my intended keyword?
  2. Hayek

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    Embrace the long tail keyword traffic you didn't expect. It's a free gift. As for targeting the ones you want, do just that. Make threads centered around your keywords. Post "information" articles focused on your keywords. And on and on...

    Oh and you seem to have forgotten the off-page optimization in this short summary (build links- make them look natural by varying the sources and anchors, making sure your primary anchors are in there somewhere).
  3. forumhookers

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    DO some SEO on your required keyword.
  4. GeorgeB.

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    Create the content that matches the keywords yourself.
  5. JayWessman

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    Yeah as Hayek says - get some quality links from relevant websites with your keywords as the anchor text.

    And you might not be able to control what people post on your forum but you can still SEO parts of your site like the header texts, forum images, alt tags etc.

    And the longtails are a great thing!
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