Hypothetical Question on Domain Names

Discussion in 'Domains and SSL Certificates' started by Lal, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Lal

    Lal Aspirant

    Forum ancestors hear my plea. :LOL:
    Guidance needed.

    I’ll just use “Clown Car” as an example. Although the domain I want is even less recognizable.

    Clown.car and Clowncar.com are both owned by someone in China.

    Not hypothetical-
    They want $100,000 for EACH.
    $200K for both. :eek:

    We can’t even come up with a decent counteroffer for that. No bleeping way.
    I can’t see anyone paying $50K for either. I see these names sitting forever, unused.

    My question-
    Would it be wise to purchase any or all of these-
    clowncarclub.com, and on & on..there’s many available.

    At the moment, the hypothetical name, once typed, gets you nowhere in a search. Lol. Well it gets you to something old and close in spelling.

    Greatly appreciate any thoughts on this.
    Thank you! :)
  2. Kevin

    Kevin Oooh, something shiny!

    I'm old.... "ClownCarFans.com" is likely the only one I would click on from a Google search result as I still associate most TLD that aren't ".com" to be spam/junk sites with the exception of ones like ".io" & a few others (like ".edu" & ".gov", etc.).
  3. Lal

    Lal Aspirant

    Thanks KevinKevin!

    Anyone- is it normal for an unused domain name to sit collecting dust for over 4 years?
  4. mysiteguy

    mysiteguy Devotee

    There are millions of unused parked domains that have been sitting around for years, not unusual at all.

    I always go for a .com over anything else.
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  5. PoetJC

    PoetJC ⚧ Jacquii: Black Kween of Transition ⚧

    I would tend to agree. But at the same time - I can definitely understand your frustration LalLal - In fact ... I posted something similar the other day:

    The only conclusion I can come to as to how to answer your particular concern ... Well... Only thing I can suggest is that if you *think and believe* that you can come up with a site with actual substance that internet users will enjoy and content that can surpass the ones who already own the more popular TLDs then why not?! I mean- it seems to me that people are asking a mini-fortune in order for you to purchase a TLD that's been sitting around, collecting dust for the duration. So - I'd tend to say go for it. Content (as they say) is King.

    Doesn't matter the TLD if your content is substantial and your SEO skills are on point so that search engines constantly index your content. So yeah.... I'd ordinarily suggest "just don't try it!" .... But then again- if you don't try - then how can you possibly know if you'll have any success in the venture at all?!...

    Just a few things to consider.
    HTH and best of luck ;)

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  6. Panupat

    Panupat Habitué

    .com here as well. It's -the- only dot I'd remember and type when trying to visit a website (when I'm not Googling the site name that is) Even if you want to go for the others, make sure you redirect .com to it.
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  7. Matthew S

    Matthew S Adherent

    FWIW, I just registered clowncartalk.com. You know there's an under-explored niche here. I'm willing to deal. :sneaky:

    In all seriousness, be more creative. Have a look at the trends. "Cute" names seem to be all the rage as much as stodgy old "thisiswhatiam.com" names. If clown cars are your thing, do you -really- need to have "clowncar" in the name? Couldn't you have wheelyfunny.com or something (which is available, to prove my point)?
  8. Lal

    Lal Aspirant


    The problem is that a four letter word is VERY important. (has nothing to do with clowns or cars, lol)
    And these monsters :LOL: bought the shortest version of it. :cheeky:
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