How to reel in contributors/affiliates?... Suggestions needed please!

Discussion in 'Finance and Traffic' started by PoetJC, Jul 24, 2019.

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    So - The development phase of my TSSN project is complete for the moment. Of course - we as forum owners/admins/moderators understand quite well that a forum's development is never really quite finished, but instead is constantly in a phase of evolving for betterment. This concept is one reason I've always liked the concept of forums - you can appreciate constantly evolving your online space for the better, same as you'd like for your own life. And I'm rambling LOL.... :censored:

    Anyway - The 2nd phase of my project has began: The promotional phase. This TSSN project is meant to work in tandem with my Facebook page and group. I'll be promoting via Twitter and Instagram as well.

    I have high hopes for this project, even though it's really gotten off to a wee bit of a slow start due to lack of funding... Which is the reason for this post.

    Ultimately I'd like to make TSSN an official recognized 501(c)3 organization. I'd like to blitz Facebook with boosted posts. I'd like to run a decent Adsense campaign. I have a few contests in mind that will require prizes either monetary or physical products.

    I have all these ideas ... Only thing is the funds to make it happen are lacking. So I need suggestions on how I can reel in official contributors/affiliates to donate to my cause. I'm composing a letter right now and will be sending it to a slew of potential contributors/affiliates.

    Perhaps you all may have additional suggestions on getting companies, groups and/or individuals to open up their wallets in support of your websites/forums/businesses?...

    Yes? Okay ... Let's hear 'em then. :einstein:

  2. LeadCrow

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    Given the niche entered, funding a prize pool should normally not be an issue.
    Companies chasing after liberal brownie points could be contacted for an opportunity to demonstrate their support for inclusivity/equality/etc with prizes (free goods are disbursed a lot more easily), but it's a common issue that seekers experience troubles in the way they sell their effort.

    I'd say work on pitches for now and prefer entering in contact with individuals sharing your inclinations, as theyre much more likely to respond favorably to sollicitations and convince their companies of the merit of supporting inclusion, minorities...
  3. Drastic

    Drastic Habitué

    Giveaways. Once it gets rolling, it will promote itself.

    Don't waste too much money on adsense or fb boosts.

    However, you can do a $1 a day FB ad just to expose your post to some random audience members, but jump into the ad backend so you can target it a lot better and increase the conversions.
  4. Lisa

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    FB ads can be useful but to actually get any real benefit from them you need to be spending at least £10 a day (you can see a little benefit spending less, but it's a lot harder and your target audience needs to be tightly focused) - they're also going through a phase of pulling ads without warning over the stupidest of things. One person had their ad pulled because the image contained sexual imagery - the image was of two children playing on a swing set ... go figure. I don't know if their bots have just gone insane or whether their moderators (who, allegedly are completely unbiased and fully trained .... can you just hear the sarcasm?) are still living in an age where showing an ankle was risque.

    Post Boosts aren't getting the traction they once had unless you're willing to put obscene amounts of money into them so, like Drastic mentioned, don't waste any money on those.
  5. Lisa

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    PoetJC, you're a writer - have you considered reaching out to the trans indie author communities on FB as well? They're always looking for new outlets to get their books in front of faces. Speaking to them might be mutually beneficial (free promotion in their groups in return for mentioning their books on your site kinda thing - or offering paid-for advertising slots for their books).
  6. PoetJC

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    1st - thanks everybody for the suggestions. 2nd = apologies for the delayed reply - I've been without internet for the past several days no thanks to the horrific foul audacity of Comcast. ARG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cautious:o_O:confused::mad:

    That's sorta what I'm thinking - that companies would like to enter a sponsorship sorta thing if I can promote not only on the forum - but also through my social media channels. I've got a bit of plan that I'll be implementing in the coming days. Thanks for the suggestion. Cheers Cal ;)

    You're in the camp that FB boosts and adsense don't work? Why is that?
    Also... I've got a credit for both Adsense and FB boosts. I will avail myself of those - just to see what sort of exposure -- and hopefully active members -- it will bring to my TSSN project. And hmmm.... $1 a day seems about my budget at the moment anyway :LOL:

    My audience is quite niche and I believe there is a method of targeting specific groups of people...? I haven't quite looked into the specifics of it just yet - but I think there's a way to target gender and that's part of what I'll be doing as for FB post boosts. IF I even do - aside from availing myself of the $15 credit they've offered.

    Wish they'd offer another $15 simply for having my fat ass jumping through all these hoops to prove my identity!!! LOL

    That's CRAZY!!!
    I'll definitely be more cognizant about the type of stuff I'm posting as I certainly don't want to run the risk of having ads pulled and/or other punitive BS that FB has to offer ugh...

    And you know I absolutely had to have a *creative* type section onsite - thus TSSN's Member Poetry, Artwork & Photography section. And YES! I know of a few authors that have published books that they may want to advertise onsite or other promotion type exchange. I'll add that to my list of promo possibilities. It's a good one.

    Thanks again everybody. And if you all or anybody else has ideas = Please do share.
    Cheers! [​IMG]

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