How to promote a facebook page?

Discussion in 'Social Networking' started by mindprocessors, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. mindprocessors

    mindprocessors Neophyte

    Please suggest me how to promote a facebook page to get more likes on this.
  2. LeadCrow

    LeadCrow Apocalypse Admin

    If you got a site, display a like box somewhere. You can link it to either the group's page, or a fixed page you can change around ever so often, to spread liking and have previous likers like the new pages.

    If your site is popular, a modal request could do much to entice sharing. See for an idea (one request at the bottom, and randomly a sharing request blocking the page, but which you can close normally. The second is much more efficient to obtain quick likes, I suppose).
  3. rarity

    rarity Aspirant

    I know that there are companies that deal with the promotion fee Facebook page
  4. webdev123

    webdev123 Participant

    On your own site or maybe your TAZ Signature
  5. Websitepros123

    Websitepros123 Aspirant

    I suggest staying away from the companies that promote one particular thing, example facebook or twitter followers as a example. There is a ton of tools to promote things, forums are a great starting spot and word of mouth is better than any ad any day
  6. benny18

    benny18 Aspirant

    Facebook is a good way of giving your website and brand a presence. It's not used to sell directly to customers... use it to build awareness and create relationships with your customer or potential customers.

    Word of mouth and viral marketing is best for facebook. I've advertised but it has done very little to help me get more fans and likes.
  7. swatihotels

    swatihotels Neophyte

    Put your fan website URL in your e-mail trademark.
    Put a web link on your individual Facebook information.
    Add a Like box
  8. Payy

    Payy Aspirant

    If I was you, I would promote only internally. Using Facebook's advertising platform is expensive and costs can spiral very easily with little return. Stay away from 'buy fans here' sites as the majority of traffic and fans that send and generate is useless. I'd run a contest on your page that encourages users to like/share/invite users and use the viral channels Facebook presents you when you create a page.
  9. GeorgeB.

    GeorgeB. ............

    The real question is. What do you want the likes for?

    How will they benefit you? You go through all that trouble to get likes to a facebook page that shows their ads. If you get likes from your own members it doesn't matter because they're already members!

    The time and effort you spend getting likes could be better used to get MEMBERS on your site.
  10. kateson

    kateson Aspirant

    Put your Company Fan page on Facebook and tell People to like and read about your company or a product ..!!
  11. marin455

    marin455 Aspirant

    Make some contest or add something that people would like to share with it. Use your own Facebook friends to show your fanpage to them - if they will like it then they will share it for free. This is the best solution and that is the key of viral campaigns.
  12. NaturalMama

    NaturalMama Aspirant

    share links and images your fans will be interested in. If they reshare through your page it can lead to an increase in likes for your page.

    Link to the FB page with a FB button on your site and also in your signature.
  13. Anathema_Sit

    Anathema_Sit Enthusiast

    Greetings NaturalMama,

    Thanks for posting this, this was helpful. I am just now starting to post stuff through my FB page for my forum.

    To the OP,

    If you have your page on FB, it has an option to where you can suggest your friends to go to your page and like it. Have them recommend the page to their friends and so far.
  14. williamluke

    williamluke Aspirant

    targeted visitors comes from search engine.If you want to increase your likes on Facebook page than do some seo for it. Use social bookmarking or forums posting techniques to get better your Facebook page rank. Your particular keyword will be more important factor in whole process.
  15. GazHyde

    GazHyde So many idiots, so little internet!

    I have several ways of engaging with Facebook (although we only have c40 likes so far).

    1> My page - - this I post whatever seems interesting to the 'likers'. Mostly stuff I have found on the web relating to the cars, events from the forum, photos and links to competitions. At the moment it's not taking off that quickly, but it is building up.

    2> Other peoples Facebook pages. There are other pages on a similar subject to mine. I post relevant information from my forum or FB page there too. Any images I post have a subtle watermark with my site logo on it. I don't spam them, or make it look like I am trawling for members. Just give them interesting links to content they may be interested in, and they either visit or they don't! I've had a few people join my site through Facebook, and even have a couple of new friends too!
  16. ForumsGroup

    ForumsGroup Adherent

    The best thing I think for promoting a Facebook page is to either have a website or to use the Facebook advertising system to advertise it. With your website, you can put a Like box on the front page or anywhere and allow your members to Like your page.

    Doing the advertising option would allow you to advertise it at a cost to people you want to reach, meaning age, location, etc.
  17. steveguava88

    steveguava88 Aspirant

    +0 is best website to promote the Facebook page. Facebook promote the business online.
  18. steveschmidt85

    steveschmidt85 Aspirant

    - Invite to all your friends from your facebook profile to Like your page.
    - Start good information and content fron your Facebook Page and shared that from your profile
    - Share your Facebook page link or button to your website & Blog.
    - Shared your Facebook Page link in different related groups over Facebook.
    - you can also start PPC campaign of Facebook for getting more Like.
    - Share or give link of your Facebook page on your all profiles in different Social Networking site like Twitter, Linkedin, Myspace...

    Hope this will help you,

    Cheers :)
  19. clarietexas

    clarietexas Aspirant

    Do as social media optimization as you can. and don't get the fake likes... try to get original likes
  20. mausin12991

    mausin12991 Aspirant

    You can invite your friends to like your page. But add some interesting things in page that users find it important for them and then they will automatically like your page.
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