How to open and run a non-profit forum community without paying for a thing.

By shellspeare · Jun 10, 2005 ·
  1. shellspeare

    shellspeare Uninteresting

    shellspeare submitted a new Article:

    How to open and run a non-profit forum community without paying for a thing.

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  2. designventures

    designventures Participant

    This was a great article
  3. sinky911

    sinky911 Aspirant

    Very good. I also suggest another good forum hosting site called myfreeforum.

    It allows you to edit the template files, skins, upload small files, comes with some rank images and much more.
  4. justenmartian

    justenmartian Adherent

    Great post, you can also add a donation mod to maybe have users of the forum donate money.
  5. nitinjain

    nitinjain Neophyte

    Good post... But some of the links is not opening..
  6. theone759

    theone759 Habitué

    This article was posted '05 so some of the links aren't working ;)
  7. Live2Die

    Live2Die Adherent

    It's definitely an old thread, Thomas. ;)
    It's pretty thorough though. I like how she included the links (at least the ones that aren't broken) and the steps towards running your forum. Nice job, Shell!
  8. Shawn Gossman

    Shawn Gossman Tazmanian Master

    I don't understand how this can be a non-profit? Law requires non-profit orgs to register no matter what and it does cost money!

    If your not a non-profit, dont EVER put on your site that you are or you may get to pay some pretty big fines!
  9. Connect2Devs

    Connect2Devs Adherent

    I agree with Shawn.

    I've managed to open a forum with the only cost being the URL purchase. I've made it clear on my forum that we're not running adverts on the site, nor that we plan to in the immediate future, but I've not said we're running a non-profit site.
  10. Shawn Gossman

    Shawn Gossman Tazmanian Master

    Non-profits are for organizations anyways, not forums!
  11. nat9655

    nat9655 Enthusiast

    You can't really not pay nothing for a good forum. Even if you register with a free forum site which builds your site for free, you still need to buy the domain or your competition will say stuff like "look how poor you are, having a subdomain like [username]".
  12. HallofFamer

    HallofFamer Habitué

    Well not all free-forum hosting services should be considered here. Mybbnew and Phpbb3 are fine, since they allow you to pay for your database when you decide to migrate out of their hosting services as your forum grows larger. Proboard and Forumotion, on the other hand, prevents users from dumping database files so you should NEVER consider services like this. It is like killing your chance to run a potentially bigger forum, you will be stuck there forever.
  13. opitkan

    opitkan Aspirant

    Great post! I just wish I would have read about this before I started to host my own forum using Proboards.
  14. Rannic

    Rannic Aspirant

    Very informative post.
  15. HallofFamer

    HallofFamer Habitué

    umm anyone still considering proboards? They suck hard and they do not allow database dump from users even if you pay(so typically, proboards is only good for small forums with about 100 members and 5000 posts maximum). Also they do not have visitor message system, cant believe why there are people who are interested in that pathetic service at all. Try Mybbnew or SMF free forum hosting services if you indeed cannot afford a paid service.
  16. CrazyProgrammer

    CrazyProgrammer Aspirant

    Nice thank you for the infor im thinking of setting up a charity forum soon for the floods in pakistan and the Torando in haiti which happend recently
  17. Ashfaqk

    Ashfaqk Neophyte

    thaaaanks a lot .. I was just wondering,.. is it possible to make a forum on wordpress or ??
  18. petertdavis

    petertdavis Not a Beginner

    There are several forum plugins for Wordpress, but it would have to be a self-hosted Wordpress, not, AFAIK they don't allow random plugins on hosted blogs.
  19. Phil_Tanny

    Phil_Tanny Florida Nature Nut

    I hope it's appropriate and helpful to add I've launched a free forum hosting service specifically for non-profits.

    A successful project will probably require more than free hosting, so I've written a 120 page book entitled "Fund Your Non-Profit With Online Publishing". The book focuses on the key challenge of mobilizing volunteer supporters in to an effective online publishing team.

    The book is free and may be redistributed by anybody in any medium so long as it's not edited.

    Brief Bio: I'm a 59 year old University Of Florida grad (education), and have made my living online for the last 15 years. I'm a programmer and creator of the forum network software that is used to host the service.

    I'm looking for opportunities to lend my time and skills to community service organizations who are doing good work, so I can add some additional meaning to my career. All services are free to non-profits.

    Please feel free to pass my book, invitation and mini-resume along to your favorite community service organization. I'm here ready to help, and could use some assistance getting the word out. Many thanks.
  20. Denzin

    Denzin Aspirant

    Several days old but i'm liking thesite posted by Phil_tanny, certainly interesting at least. And of course, interesting article posted, though it's pretty old so sorry for the bump on that matter.
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