How to make a few div elements responsive

Discussion in 'HTML, CSS & JavaScript' started by onlinestaff, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. onlinestaff

    onlinestaff Aspirant

    I'm having trouble with making some of my div elements responsive.

    The image with the magnifying glass is refusing to resize when the window is smaller, for example on a ipad. I have tried other methods of resizing but resulting in failure.

    Thank you to anybody who can help me with this, awesome website.
  2. steve00

    steve00 IPB Skinner

    Not sure I understand, the only magnifying glass I can see is next to the 'Enter your search', is that the one you mean, if so then why want that to go smaller (think your tabs and logo would be your concern as logo doesn't resize and tabs drop down a line when smaller screen)

    I could be wrong but looks like an ipb forum ... if so then not sure why changed from default layout as would have no issue with logo, tabs or search icon (if am wrong then apologies)
  3. onlinestaff

    onlinestaff Aspirant

    Hey man,

    Yeah sorry about that, I forgot to close this thread, I changed the theme completely.

    Thanks for the reply, though. :)
  4. hunter22375

    hunter22375 Aspirant

    LOL.... I was about to say the same thing.
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