How to increase traffic?

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  1. Gustavo Woltmann

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    Hey there! Well I would like to get some personal suggestions on how to increase web traffic to our website:

    To get a personal analyze I need to leave as much info as possible, right?

    Well it is a SaaS website about a chat application for just about anyone. Lets say you can add it on webpage, blog, facebook page, youtube channel, wix, joomla or as a wordpress chat plugin.. It is one of the best in its niche, allowing users to use pictures, videos, managing the design just as much as they would like. You can have it as a chat window on your page or as a floating icon. It has about 100 functions.

    It is possible to use it on more platforms at the time in case you own more of them, it will synchronize between them really well.

    We basically generate about 500 visitors per day and as everyone we are striving to improve that. We have blog up with a few posts every week, we are active on twitter, facebook,..

    Would you have some suggestions by any chance?

  2. Empire

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    Post more stuff on your blog, relating to group chats etc. Quality unique content.

    Open social media accounts.

    Try google adsense.
  3. Sukhpreet Singh

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    Do SEO and SMO for increase website traffic
  4. PeterH

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    Pay attention to on-page SEO.
    Target long-tail keywords.
    Start guest blogging.
    Invite others to guest blog on your site.
    Post content to LinkedIn.
    Make sure your site is responsive.
    Make sure your site is fast.
    Make yourself heard in comment sections.
    Get active on social media.
  5. sarthakk

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    You can increase website traffic by:
    1. Optimizing ON page and Off page of your website.
    2. Quality content: Quality and unique content will help your website to rank higher.
    3. Site design: Do a little search on the recent website design trends and make site selection on that basis.
    4. Paid traffic: you can go for paid traffic like google adword.

    Hope this helps.
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