How to handle Spoiler review on Google Local Listing?

Discussion in 'Blogs, Wikis, and other CMP's' started by Venkatweetz, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Venkatweetz

    Venkatweetz Aspirant

    One of my competitor is writing negative reviews often

    • He is not a real customer.
    • He don't have any queries or complaints to resolve.
    • He is writing spoiler reviews from different fake accounts.

    I have flagged those reviews as inappropriate and submitted to google. But no response. Please advice how to handle it.
  2. Julie Encabo

    Julie Encabo Participant

    If it's possible, you can try gathering a few other users to help you in reporting it. It can be a little exhausting but you may be able to get more noticeable.
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