How to get ideas for topics every single day?

Discussion in 'Increasing Traffic' started by mrb1129, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. JayCeeS

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    Biggest issue I have had is getting members to create threads, they will reply all day long to whatever I post but sometimes getting a gasoline enema is less stressful then getting them to create a thread.

    I don't post everyday, though I probably should. I have and will on occasion get ideas from other forums, and many aren't even specific to my niche. I am currently trying figure out how to adapt The Sandman Ask Me Anything forum to my site without actually making a forum to do it just to get a few of them to BS with each other.
  2. gogoblender

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    Discuss your hobbies. Bring it up in your forum daily. If your forum is a particular game, you can chat guides, maps, Glitches... the amount of content to mine is infinite ... as it's your life ^^


  3. Joeychgo

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  4. Lala

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    I noticed that if left to their own devices users tend to focus on just one aspect of a topic, and forget about other aspects. For example, if we have a forum about weather - eventually it will all be about rain. If I start a thread about heat - everyone jumps to heat, starts new threads on heat, etc. If I start a thread about tornadoes - same thing, we all end up talking of tornadoes, and rain and heat are completely forgotten.

    So I just skim through a forum and see which aspects of the topic aren't on the first page or two, and either bump them up or start a new thread. Users need to see the full scope of the topic, to start new threads. Otherwise those who want to talk of snow while we're in the rain phase - assume their input is not interesting or not welcome.
  5. southernlady

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    Mine goes in cycles. I seldom create threads, they do get created by my members.
  6. Lal

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    Answer & Ask thread.
    If that is what you’re trying to do? Just general off-topic bs-ing? A get-to-know each other discussion.

    Poster must end their post with a question, after answering. Lol. Pure fun.

    Q: if aliens placed your brain into a celebrity’s head, who are you now?

    Next poster-
    A: Sean Hannity :ROFLMAO:

    Q: what would you title your autobiography?
  7. mrb1129

    mrb1129 Aspirant

    Any ideas to invite users to became members. As I am in several forums in our niche. I know people and they know me too but we don't interact outside a forum.
  8. cornnfedd

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  9. Questlot

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    When I have to post in my forum I get ideas of topic from Google base on what people love to search for. My forum is about Money and business ideas, i latter realise when real users start to signup they focus more on the forum category about making money.

    Since my members love talking about money, I also should interest and post about it. For about 6months now the members do create interesting topic on their own.

    You can get topic ideas from other forums but make sure the topic are not copied word for word.
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