How to Advertise Your Site for Free

By MGM · Jun 24, 2005 ·
  1. HypeFeeder

    HypeFeeder Aspirant

    Thank you for the article. Very informative and helpful
  2. Chris001

    Chris001 Neophyte

    My website is medicine-related, so I am not sure where to advertise it locally. Any ideas?
  3. DaveMCL

    DaveMCL Aspirant

    Great article! Very helpful :)
  4. xmoonlight444

    xmoonlight444 Aspirant

    Great article, thanks for the tips and help!
  5. Rrich

    Rrich Aspirant

    I liked that you're emphasizing not just to advertise online, but also in person. You mentioned a lot of great points, concerning leaving cards at different locations where your target audience is.

    I want to add, that it's also useful to get referral partners. Get good with people who run small businesses, and have them also distribute your info as well. It takes your advertising to the next level, once you start building referral partners.

    In all, couldn't agree more with what your saying. Great work!
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