How much money did you spend with your new forum?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by PriMaL, May 23, 2005.

  1. supermedic

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    Initially the domain cost $40 a year ------- with free hosting. Forum software was free through Cpanel (SMF) and chat software to go on site was $8.00 a month to begin with ......

    We changed domains and through a special deal got complete hosting and domain for $10 when we changed domains, we kept the chat software.......... and obtained Invision software, hosted community --- So upkeep costs now are 21.70 a month
  2. tygersclaw

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    I have my own dedicated server, and 4 vBulletin licenses, and a IPB license which is now expired.

    So forum software cost me for 4 sites $600 and my server is $129mth. I am a domain reseller through eNom so get my domains for a reduced rate. So when I decide on a domain, I will always get at least the .com and .net for that domain. So, domains are $17 per site minimum. Occasionally I will get the .org, .infor and .ca extensions as well.

    Those costs are cheap. The TIME you spend on the forum is something you cannot put a proper price to. But let's just say that for a forum to grow and get to the point it is profitable, it can cost a lot of your personal time.
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