How many SPAMMERS do you get?

Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by BigP, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. BigP

    BigP Forum/Blog Consultant

    It is getting a bit crazy now. We've recently passed the 2,150 member mark, and I spend 20 minutes a day getting rid of forum spam and banning people. Now, I am very strict on the site in an effort to keep the forums clean, but it is tiresome dealing with all the SPAM :cheeky: and double posts every day.

    I think we'd have at least another 500-1000 members on the site, and our post count would be double if we were not on top of things, but I'm confident that we would not have the active user base we currently have if we werent so vigilant.

    How much SPAM do you all get?
  2. ATARI

    ATARI Habitué

    Too much.

    Banning people by IP or email helps a great deal though.
  3. TheAfterglow

    TheAfterglow Fan

    I used to get a fair bit, but yes email and IP banning has been working a treat as of late.
  4. Vigilante

    Vigilante Enthusiast

    I've never found email banning to work. Someone can just create a new email. I think IP banning works the most.
  5. kate_austen

    kate_austen Neophyte

    I agree I don't bother with email banning because they can just create a new email address, Ip banning seems to work most of the time for me.
  6. Brollachan

    Brollachan Adherent

    On one site I have admin access to I noticed spamming 'conincidentally' started after a former staff member reappeared had a row and effectively got told to sod off. I use the word 'coincidence' as I cannot physically prove that this user was responsible for it starting, though I along with others are fairly certain.

    Email bans are fairly pointless unless done as wildcard bans, which is only be used with some domains as wildcard bans of "" affect innocent users. IP bans can help providing they don't keep reconnecting via random proxys or dialup.
  7. Artakserksis

    Artakserksis Tech Hooked

    My forum doesn't have much traffic now (just about 2500 posts) but I am really strict on spam so I don't have nearly any spam posts until now :)
  8. miniJoe

    miniJoe Lost in space

    We have a few "manual" spam registrations per year (our userbase: 900, uptime: 1.5 years now). Fact is, since I changed some of the necessary forum forms to require special content (which is presented using the standard forum registration links and pages, so for the human user everything is transparent), spam registrations went down to (almost) zero. It's only bots running around out there registering new forum accounts based on Google searches for register.php et al... Weird.
  9. PacMan

    PacMan Tazmanian

    I get less than 5 a year!
  10. DarkHalo

    DarkHalo Aspirant

    500 members on a political discussion site and virtually no spammers. Were only 4 months old though so maybe they just havent found us yet, lol.
  11. martinwebdev

    martinwebdev Participant

    I actually don't get that many Spammers, but when I do, the IP ban tool is a beautiful thing.

  12. kennethtan

    kennethtan Enthusiast

    Correct. IP ban tool is the best way to solve this issue.
    Note that some users may register multiple acount if they plan to do something funny. I strongly believe they will use "proxy" . Therefore, add on mod to block proxy access is a good idea. :)
  13. Leilani

    Leilani Fan

    We have 4,000 members and only about 3 spammers in the last year, though our software has blocked numerous spam bots from registering.
  14. MyFunForum

    MyFunForum Goldmember

    my forum is very slowly building right now, so even gettinhg one new member is a relief for me, It feels like I have done a good job and have worked well (I only get 1 or 2 guests at a time. But the really frustrating thing is that the last 2 people that have joined were trying to advertise some crap site. The postes 2 threads advertising 2 different sites saying "give it a try". It seems like they are the same person! I'm gonna investigate on this.

    I let them away with it this time (I obiously closed the thread and changed the url of the site they suggested to http://POOF!), but they never posted anything again!
  15. Harro

    Harro Fan

    Since I added a Quick Register form on my forum SPAM has increased a lot.
    But most of the time they only post 1 thing and never come back again.
    So I just delete the tread.
    Don't bother banning those members...
  16. gamefreaks365

    gamefreaks365 Aspirant

    Actually, e-mail banning doesn't work at all (they can make up an e-mail address) unless you have validation activated, which is what we had to do. Other than validation, IP banning works as well. Also, don't allow guests to posts. It's a good way to get bots spamming.
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