How long did it take your forum to get 1,000,000 posts?

Discussion in 'Increasing Traffic' started by Shawn Gossman, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. mysiteguy

    mysiteguy Devotee

    I don't remember for my first big board, it was so long ago. But we did reach 6 million posts by our 9th year.
  2. RoldanLT

    RoldanLT Fan

    For 6 years and Half, we got 5,182,350 post now.
  3. rngrdanny22

    rngrdanny22 Adherent

    My old site came close to 1,000,000 before I sold it. Took about 5 years if I recall.
  4. bossArch

    bossArch Participant

    1 milion in 5 years
    Now at 10 milions.
  5. Xon

    Xon Adherent

    Sufficient Velocity imported something like ~700k posts from Space Battles, but native posting hit 1 million posts in ~1 year. Yes, that is ~9 million posts in 3 years. With 2.3 million since this time last year.

    Space Battles took 2 years to hit 1 million posts (2001 -> 2003), post rate massively increased since 2008-2010 or so, hitting 28 million total posts this year. With 4.4 million posts since this time last year.
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  6. SarbjitGrewal

    SarbjitGrewal Aspirant

    It is all depend upon your forum popularity, if you are running ads on google and inviting visitors to register on your forum site. Then you can achieve that benchmark in less than two year or more. But if you don't have visitors on your website then it will take longer than 4 years and more to achieve that benchmark.
  7. LeadCrow

    LeadCrow Apocalypse Admin

    I dont think ads make that kind of difference, at least not anymore.
    Some splinter forums can succeed very quickly if you start a new site existing active users and community leaders flock to. Content guaranteed in quality and quantity sells new sites really well.
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