How is your growth/traffic?

Discussion in 'Increasing Traffic' started by nicksource, Nov 29, 2019.

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  1. nicksource

    nicksource Participant

    Curious how people's forums are doing? Mine is certainly not as popular is it was but are you finding you are starting to pick up traffic recently, or still heading into a decline? or perhaps getting fruity growth? :)

    At the moment I've managed to even things out and hope to push towards an increase in traffic again after 2 years of the same figures.
  2. cheat_master30

    cheat_master30 Moderator

    It's not doing that great at the moment, partly because gaming communities have focused more on stuff like Discord now, and partly because the focus of the site is on a series that itself hasn't exactly been selling well for a while and hasn't seen a new game in one part of the franchise for the last 11 years.

    Either way, I'm not planning to quit any time soon since there's no other forum on the internet about the same topic, and I feel hopeful that in a few years or so, we may see a bit of a revival if the rumours around the franchise pan out.
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