How i'm helping a project start a new forum

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by we_are_borg, Mar 12, 2019.

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    I just talked to the second in line and where going to transfer people from Slack to the forum, Slack is free but you can only do 10k posts and with 10k +1 it deletes the first post. So where are transferring Slack to forum, only the developers are staying on Slack. So little more work but it’s coming together. Learning a lot how IPS works.
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    Yea, I guess both ways have their pros and cons.
    I really love Slack and I have an amazing IPS4 - Slack connection. It's handy because of the real-time notifications and interactions, which are possible on all the different devices which I use ( iPads, phone,browsers). As an admin, I want that people visit the page, instead of using slack or other push services for interaction, but as admin or mod, it's quite handy being in the position to approve content or members, hide content based on the report direct from the Slack message.

    It's also great for quick talks and chats with the team/staff but as you said, the posts will just disappear after a while, so once we had such chat sessions, somebody from the team created a summary topic in the staff forum.

    (Disclaimer: That's my free time stuff and Slack usage, not related to my job at IPS )

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    If you think about it Slack can be taken over by IPS, why its used to chat real-time so a chat function should address that. But why they love Slack is how it gives status updates from github and so on, but that should be possible to on IPS.
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    IPS can be a lot of things , As much as it pains me to say it Invision Community is what it is called now....we should refer to it as one of its 2 real names moving forward

    1. The #1 Community Software
    2. IC
  5. we_are_borg

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    What’s happening with this project.

    Well we taken more time to get everything going, instead of 3 weeks we are taking longer. The reason is that we have channels on Slack and they are being transferred to the forum, the only thing staying on Slack is Development. Development is not something we are willing to move at this time. There two other projects that need to be done one is Human Resources at the moment we can not track our volunteers and what they do. Second is Open Project we are currently running against the limitations of the free version we need more then 10 users. But it’s 5 euro per user and we need 15 at least so that is 75 euro a month or 900 a year. That is to much we think but Open Project has a community edition an VPS that can run it costs 11 euro a month or 132 a year that is doable so we are looking in on that.
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    That actually sounds like a decent argument to make against IPS.
    Nickling and diming is not cool.

    The money isn't even the problem I'm seeing here. It's the "surprise costs" pulled out of thin air. It is better to just get told everything upfront and to pay appropriately, rather than have a company pull new bills out of thin air.

    In other words, behaving like any legitimate company and not like a con artist.

    Even if I am willing to put forward a certain amount of cash which would cover it, the uncertainty over costs would completely destroy that, if I think "yet another bill" could appear out of thin air.
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