How do your keep your members interested?

Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by Auron, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. Auron

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    Anyone who has had a forum running for some time will notice that even your best members can get bored from time to time what do you do to keep them coming back?

    Here's an idea I had at the beginning of the year

    I run an "all year round" competition, which each month earns them points in a "league table" ...anyone can enter, and we have monthly quizzes, comps, free draw etc, which all earn "points".

    At then end of the year, we award prizes (a few real gifts plus a few on site ones) to everyone who has scored points....the more points they have the better the prize. Its a great way to get members to interact, have fun, and maybe win something along the way

    What does everyone else do????
  2. Ollie1

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    i like your idea mate, what is the result?

    I keep my members interested by giving them a lot of opportunities to contribute to the community. I take a lot of feedback on the design (and act on it).

    The trick is to offer members a lot of places to make their mark. Make sure their contributions get seen and they dont get deleted.
  3. Deadairdave

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    We keep ours interested with games, quizzes, competitions, and we allow members to post any content that may interest one another. We have a lengthy 'YouTube' topic, so they can post whatever they find funny for everyone else to view/reply to.

    We have a 'recommended listening' topic. Whatever new single, album or music video that comes out, they'll write something about it.

    As most of the male members are into their console/pc games, we have both a topic dealing with all things hardware (PC/PS2/PS3/Wii/360) and a Games discussion topic.

    We have also added an NSFW (Not suitable for work) option, as some of them find other strange stuff of interest, but could get people browsing from work in trouble.

    We have also installed a forum IA bot called Smudge, which the members sit and chat to day and night, lol.

    In the past we have also added a mod to stream live radio of a variety of genres.

    Funny thing is, we're a music forum, but the majority of the members live in the chat (general) forum.
  4. adigaskell

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    It's certainly a difficult one because I'd imagine with any serious topic after a while you run out of things to discuss because they've all been discussed already. The best technique I guess then is to attract new members (ie new viewpoints) or post up news stories (ie same views on new issues).

    Of course you can add various off topic things like games, competitions etc. but how effective they are at keeping people on a serious forum I don't know.
  5. Auron

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    to be honest the result is excellent .... members know when there will be threads added on which the can earn points, and it is noticeable that members are looking forward to it, just by looking at the amount of times certain parts of the forum/threads are viewed
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