How do you "introduce" Clubs to your members?

Discussion in 'IPS' started by haqzore, Aug 9, 2018 at 12:59 PM.

  1. haqzore

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    Most people know what a 'forum' is, its purpose, general layout, etc etc.

    Clubs aren't as widespread or "expected" when people join a forum.

    How do you introduce Clubs to your IPS communities?
    What does your thread say?
    What examples of benefits / purpose / etc do you give?

    Appreciate any & all sharing as I look to craft a similar thread for my IPS site.
  2. LeadCrow

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    For developpers, they can have their small private discussion group as a part of a large forum.

    Handy if they sell apps/games/addons on your site or elsewhere since you cant give everyone their own forum section with moderator privileges (potential safety risk, especially if the accounts of lesser securityminded folks get hacked). Unlike with forum sections, club membership can be easily limited to a limited number of individuals, with fewer risks of mismatching access permissions.
    Fans and clients can discuss more or less privately, without the distraction of the central forum affecting their limited exposure if theyre not currently interested in being active in the rest of the ecosystem.

    As for non-developpers, in theory there should hardly be any negative to letting users create their small sub-community as part of your bigger community. It can be difficult for fans of similar interests to stand out on large forums and you'd often find haters or supporters of different opinions or products poisoning your sub-groups' discourse if it was created as a classic forum section, with a common consequence of staff intervention after clashes being generally chasing parties away (through infractions, bans), when it could be more interesting keeping them all around - in their own corner if it'd be difficult discussing specific subjects with the rest of the memberbase.
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  3. Maddox

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    I'm actually in the midst of developing a new site that will rely on 'clubs' (name changed to 'groups') heavily. The type of site I am developing is aimed at an ailment that is widespread, but affects people in different ways and as such it places people into different groups with different needs to combat this ailment. Having everyone in one place would be chaotic as everyone would be talking over each other - even having separate forums would not be as effective and would make the actual forum side cumbersome. So by breaking up people into their specific group needs, they can be assured that the people they will converse with are the people that are suffering the same effects of this ailment, which can be (and often will be) so different from the symptoms of this ailment that others suffer from. Some effects are temporary and short lived, whilst others are affected for longer periods, sometimes for life.

    By allowing people to join the groups that they feel best suits their needs, they can quickly associate with like minded people and become a self-help group. Perhaps this situation is kind of unique because of the subject matter (not ready to disclose this yet) but there is no reason why it cannot be applied to other situations. I believe the uniqueness of having groups can be quite appealing. The one thing I haven't fully decided upon, as yet, is what 'type' of groups these will be, as in public, open, closed; I will, most likely, leave that up to the people who are joining the groups and how they feel about it.

    It's an interesting experiment for me as I've never use groups (I dislike the name 'clubs') in such a way before, so whether it will work or not only time will tell. I believe in my situation there will be no need to spell out the benefits or purpose as it will be pretty much self explanatory (or should be), but I guess I will add some kind of explanation, though it will be short and to the point. Everyone using 'clubs' will probably have different uses and purposes and should base any explanations as to what these are for depending on the target audience.

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  4. haqzore

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    Nice. Thanks fellas.
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