How do you get to like your FB page?

Discussion in 'Social Networking' started by PWO, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. bobdole

    bobdole Aspirant

    I agree, I'm definitely having trouble with this one. It seems like I only have pity likes so far.
  2. mrjay

    mrjay Aspirant

    I ll advices to to stick to Sanchez advice, but if you need a rapid facebook like there are many sites providing such services. You can try
  3. johnmacklen

    johnmacklen Aspirant

    First promote in among your actual friends....

    Engage your visitors using different methods like sharing knowledge, pictures, etc...

    You can also keep some contest, quizzes, etc..
  4. W2G4U

    W2G4U Aspirant

    Tell your friends and have them tell there friends, advertise with pictures.
  5. Chance9

    Chance9 Aspirant

    I'd say this is just marketing 101 so to speak. Easiest way is just to spread the word. Post often, interesting things or things that will get someone's attention and keep it.
  6. julianix

    julianix Neophyte

    Introduce it to some of your friends and let them help you to spread your page
  7. sanusense

    sanusense Neophyte

    I would probably say you are not giving much time to that page, just because your page not getting likes doesn't mean people are not interested in it. Try to offer your fb friends to like your page by Invite them, it can be found right side of your fb page or tag other pages in your page posts this is a very interesting method of get in mainstream.
    Google same niche pages on facebook and consult with them to promoting your page, that's also a good method of getting likes without investing a dime.
  8. StephaneB

    StephaneB Aspirant

    Here are my suggestions:

    1. Get a professional design for your Facebook page

    2. Your website tag line should be clear and indicate what benefit you're bringing to your visitors.

    3. Monitor your FB page closely and remove all spam from wall posts and comments.

    4. Start a Facebook campaign to promote your page. It's really not as expensive as some people think and it does work. I've ramped up the number of Likes to my FB page to about 25,000 in a couple of weeks and since then its grown to 34,800 likes naturally. People are more tempted to like a page if they see it already has tons of likes.

    5. Don't buy Facebook likes, it's unethical and worthless crap. Dummy FB accounts won't like and share your posts.

    6. Give something for free on your website. In order to get the free stuff, visitors must "like" your FB page.

    7. Post about other people/businesses on your FB wall and use @[Name] when you mention them so they know about it. Sometimes they will share your post on their wall and you'll get more likes.
  9. expmrb

    expmrb Aspirant

    Fb likes are hard to find, you have to continuously promote your page everywhere.
  10. weblinkindia

    weblinkindia Neophyte

    sahre your fb page in different social networks, forums so that maximum will recach to your webpage and you can also use facebook like box on your website & blog this will help in getting facebook fan page likes
  11. avowzone

    avowzone Aspirant

    Tell your friends to like your page. Active on various facebook group and share your page to like. You also can use like exchange sites.
  12. bluechummer

    bluechummer Aspirant

    I just started my FB pageto build awareness for my new forum ( a fishing forum which isn't launched yet)on April 2nd.

    I now have about 780 likes in 3 weeks. My strategy was to use various rss feeds with rss graffiti for saltwater fishing news around the world feed them into my FB page along with unique post from myself and then spend $5 a day on facebooks ads with typical salt water fishing keywords. Seems to be working so far. People seem to like to have all the saltwater fishing news in one spot without having to go to 20 different pages to get info.
  13. Julie Encabo

    Julie Encabo Aspirant

    Try filling out your Page with searchable information, Include Facebook Like Boxes on your website and blog, invite existing contacts (friends, family, etc.) to like your page, Invite employees to like your page, Incorporate Facebook into your offline communication channels, Cross promote on other social media (such as Twitter and LinkedIn), post valuable content, be active and engage more, and use Facebook Ads to expand your reach.
  14. Paul M

    Paul M Dr Pepper Addict

    I dont do anything at all.

    If people "like" it then fine, if they dont, equally fine - who really cares ? Its just a gimmick.
  15. c0ns

    c0ns Aspirant

    Maybe just post an interesting article/photo or whatever you post and make the connection with the page you would like to be liked. And then you will attract the people to like it because they sincerely do. Otherwise, you can just ask all of your friends or just contact random people to like it because it is important to you. :D
  16. DanielDP

    DanielDP Neophyte

    I'm looking for high viral videos, then run ads for those videos. The number of people interacting with the video is pretty good, usually I have to invite those people like my page. When there is a certain amount of like you can run ads for posts in the field you are doing, at the same time, advertising costs will be cheaper and attract a fan base
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