How can social media help in education?

Discussion in 'Social Networking' started by PeterH, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. PeterH

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    How can social media help in education?
  2. onemoretime

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    I would consider that an oxymoron. Social Media is the biggest waste of human time ever invented. You can't learn about math, science or anything educational. It's nothing but a royal waste of time. This goes for all (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest). I prefer staying sites like Wikipedia.
  3. Lisa

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    I was with you right up to you citing Wikipedia . Use it as a starting point, possibly, but nothing more than that :)

    I have a love/hate relationship with Social Media - it's great in that it gives you the ability to keep in touch with people, keep up to date with world happenings, etc but it's awful in that the way it makes people behave and act toward each other is just horrendous. It's like some huge social experiment that's been left to rot.
  4. pierce

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    WhatsApp groups are probably best.

    That way it's real people in the same class. Less distractions too unless you have the annoying person. Or the needy one that can't lift their own hands.

    It could just lead to pure spoon feeding. So the group has to be brutal and kick out the weak.

    What's wrong with real life study groups?
  5. Dee Johnson

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    I think generally using online networking will build proficient improvement opportunities, it will draw in understudies, and it can help understudies make certifiable associations between what they're realizing and future vocation ways.
  6. darnoldy

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    The same was said of radio, television and comic books... yet all three have been successfully used in educational programs.

    Learning is a social activity—any medium that allows two or more people to interact can be used for educational purpose.

    There is a quite-active learning community on Google Plus. Look for information on "Heutagogy and Lifelong Learning," "Personal Learning Communities (or Circles)," or "Communities of Practice."
  7. Zylantex

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    Social networks have fantastic educational potential but I've yet to see this potential being realised. All I see are vacuous, unthinking hordes reposting the latest fad or utterances of so called celebrities. Either that or they are sharing personal details, that should best be kept private, with the whole internet. Let's not forget photographing each and every meal to show the world. The most depressing thing is people filming fights and accidents just to upload them and get likes. Whatever happened to stepping in to break up a fight or help an injured person? I despair for a whole generation.
  8. pierce

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    I don't think people should be open or honest in social media.

    I think people should be educated on how other people use it to manipulate others. How photos are cropped and enhanced. How people only post the good stuff.

    Only with the understanding that everybody else is potentially manipulating somebody else for likes, viral marketing or reverse marketing or brand influencing you for your attention, will users of social media critically question what they see.

    Once they do that they can then be much happier.

    Yes it's nice that everybody should hold hands and be awesome but that only increases gulability. Being critical (not negative) is a life skill not taught.
  9. Ower1963

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    I think social media can help us to learn many things if we can be active in social media groups where people are talking about different education topics and we can participate in the discussion there and can learn something.
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