Hosting photos and galleries - options?

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    What are my options for hosting my photo output in a way that's slick, easy to navigate and a good user experience?

    I've never really liked in-forum galleries but happy to consider XF media gallery - but does anyone have an example of a photo site with a gallery section I can browse? (IPB is not an option as my forum runs on XF - though I would not discount running IPB on it's own just for the media side if it was the better option).

    My static content is in Wordpress - is there any major add-on for WP that does galleries well? Adding photos to blog posts is fine but they're not centralised and organised in one place.

    I have considered Instagram which of course is in mass use and allows people to share stuff easily - but the problem is it does nag you if you're not a member, to join, and this ruins the experience for me. Similarly, Flickr (which I used the Pro version for years) is - or at least was - practically unusable as a guest without constant "Register now" nagging for guests. Similar for 500px.

    It's important that my readers can see photos without being bothered by nagging, pop-ups, adverts etc. Maybe that's unrealistic and Instagram is the way forward and people will just need to register?

    Are there still self-hosting options for photo galleries or have these died in the face of Instagram and the likes?
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    You can check out Chevereto.
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