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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Rains, Mar 19, 2004.

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    Okay, will try not to confuse myself or others here :)

    Having explored certain ways of handling any possible sponsor and visitor conflict that may damage the integrity of my new forum, I'm also looking at another angle, before I actually launch.

    Now I'll divide the question into two parts:

    1: Don't have the cash for a second vbulletin licence at the moment, but was wondering how I could effectively make a section of the forum isolated from the remainder, so sponsors would be able to interact with visitors in a seemingly separate environment. In other words, provide a link in the main forums that would first take them to an information page within my website, and from there, via another link, into an area where sponsors and visitors could talk business.
    Thought maybe if I could then somehow hide the other main forums from view when returning to said forums from webpage route.

    2: Now I could also use one of the free forum boards available to achieve this method, but then I would most likely have to trouble my visitors to register again. Also my post count would be divided. Or if on the other hand, I scraped the cash to get another vbulletin licence, would this be an answer or am I missing a better obvious solution, other than setting up special user groups within my existing forum. Thanks
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