Have you got lots of likes and followers on Twitter?

Discussion in 'Social Networking' started by doubt, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. doubt

    doubt Tazmanian


    When you interact with someone on Twitter, is it really a person?

    Does that ditzy celebrity really have that much influence?

    Are those people on the internet even real?

    These questions are increasingly at the heart of how people perceive Twitter. The social network boasts 330 million user accounts, which tweet about everything from social issues to the latest tech news, and represent everyone from Katy Perry to Pope Francis.

    But a New York Times investigation found that millions of accounts on the service may be fake, created to help celebrities hawk products and to make "influencers" appear to have more -- well, influence.

    "It's kind of like inflating your resume. They were buying status so they can have influence," said Jennifer Grygiel, a Syracuse University social media professor. And as if it wasn't obvious: "That's not OK."

    It's not just inauthentic and slimy. The thought that millions of fake accounts are following, tweeting, retweeting and liking all sorts of stuff underscores the nagging existential question about what exactly Twitter is.

    Over the past few years, Twitter's real-time, talk-to-anyone nature has helped give rise to social movements like #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo. But it's also enabled a new type of hate campaign to flourish. Thousands of often-anonymous accounts swarm around topics or people they don't like, such as comedian Leslie Jones, outspoken video game developers or social activists like Renee Bracey Sherman.

    What's increasingly become clear is that bots -- automated computer programs sometimes posing as real people online -- are at the crux of these issues. The New York Times report alleged that a company called Devumi sold millions of fake likes, retweets and followers to high-profile Twitter users including actor John Leguizamo, football great Ray Lewis and even Martha Lane Fox, a Twitter board member. (Leguizamo declined to comment to the paper; a representative for Lewis denied making Devumi purchases; and Lane Fox told the Times a "rogue employee" bought the bogus followers.)
  2. Paul M

    Paul M Limeade Addict

    I dont use twitter, although I do have and old account from years ago. It probably still has a few followers.
  3. Alex.

    Alex. The Ancient Dragon

    The same as Paul MPaul M. Found it boring and you get tired of reading people's mini-rants. I'm sure it's worse now with the character increase.
  4. MarkFL

    MarkFL La Villa Strangiato

    Also the same...I found I had absolutely no use for it.
  5. doubt

    doubt Tazmanian

    For me Facebook was enough to join and soon quit it.
  6. Paul M

    Paul M Limeade Addict

    Even my daughters, who could not live without their phones, dont use twitter at all.
  7. Brad

    Brad Meh

    I don't use twitter either and only use facebook to stay in touch with people that can't pay their phone bills on the regular. Some of my friends host music festivals and they make use of social media a lot. I've been told that buying likes from bot accounts was common even among people that are small time. We had one new local business that was hosting parties that bought a ton of likes from a company with an army of bot accounts and they got called out for it. 500+ likes on the page for the party and only 10-15 people even showed up. Lots of in-fighting among those people hosting the festivals because they refuse to collaborate and are constantly attempting to steal talent from each other.

    If they're doing it so is everyone else. The Bakery I worked at employed a "social media manager" who basically just came in, took video/pictures of us working, and maintained social media accounts for the business. She was buying likes as well. I told my boss about it and offered to build us a new website because the one she put together was awful. He refused to believe me until I showed him most of the likes were from India. I later found out he was screwing this girl on the side and when he found out that I knew he fired me.
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  8. zappaDPJ

    zappaDPJ Administrator

    My daughter's the same and as far as I know none of her friends use it either. It probably really is populated by 330 million bots. Oh and one Donald Trump of course.
  9. Brad

    Brad Meh

    My sister who is 19 now (damn I'm old) doesn't use social media either. Well, she uses it but not facebook/twitter. Basically, those are for "old people" and her and her friend use other forms of social media like instagram, snapchat, and things of that nature. They know anything on facebook/twitter is up forever and avoid it due to that. Also, they know their parents are on facebook so they only use it for things that are family friendly if they use it at all.

    My younger friends (early to mid 20s) are the same way. If you're not on snapchat you miss out on almost everything. The only thing they use facebook for is finding events/festivals/concerts or hosting those things themselves. Also, sorry for that long rant I posted I removed it so I wouldn't derail this thread.
  10. Joeychgo

    Joeychgo TAZ Administrator

    Twitter is for twits.
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  11. Joeychgo

    Joeychgo TAZ Administrator

    From what I can see, twitter is mainly used by celebs and politicians --- people who need constant ego boosts and people who think their every word is treasured.
  12. LeadCrow

    LeadCrow Apocalypse Admin

    Few followers here on Twitter, but its fine. I found it relatively useless compared to social networks even for announcements, the activity stream and notifications are a neverending wave of spam and irrelevant tweets.

    The only exceptional times it proves an interesting way to discover content is when the content in question was featured in media - other than that, goodl luck making anything useful surface unless you pay for expensive discovery tools and tweak them to your exact parameters (really handy to discover really obscure just posted tweets from even new accounts with no popularity).

    The rabbit hole can go deeper. Vindictive people can buy a blatant number of followers for their enemies with the intention to decredibilize them and have their popularity questioned (kinda like planting fake evidence).
  13. Klaatu

    Klaatu Fan

    I won't go into too much detail (I may get into lega
    No ****. There's one who could start WWIII using it from his golden toilet every morning. LOL
  14. Ummagumma

    Ummagumma Adherent

    Yes, have about 20k followers but interaction is very hit and miss. One min your Tweet can be content king for the day and the next, it's not. That is a blue moon event too so... Who knows. Lots of things going on, on there - but nothing really. Like someone who knows how to look busy at being busy.
  15. Bozza

    Bozza Enthusiast

    My forum has 25,500 followers. I feed topical threads into Buffer with an enticing subject and with hashtags relevant to the niche of my site. Buffer then dripfeeds them out in line with my pre-defined schedule for tweets.

    Last year, directly from Twitter, my forum had 3m page views.

    I'm not going to stop using it any time soon.
  16. Ummagumma

    Ummagumma Adherent

    Indeed, our traffic is very busy from there and so is the join rate. Sometimes it's hit and miss though, but we'd not drop it now either. Can't afford to.
  17. davert

    davert Enthusiast

    When Twitter and Facebook accounts are real, you can get real traffic from them, but there are good reasons for buying fake followers — companies give you freebees and advance or unique info if you can show big social-media numbers.

    I only ever reached 12,000 followers on Facebook — Bozza was very smart in his technique but I never did that myself; but even those 12,000 meant that anything we posted got a few thousand hits.

    I have to remember Buffer.
  18. Joeychgo

    Joeychgo TAZ Administrator

    Ill say it again... Twitter is for twits.
  19. ToyBoxOrphan

    ToyBoxOrphan Aspirant

    I don't even understand how to use Twitter. :LOL:
  20. cheat_master30

    cheat_master30 Moderator

    Nah, not at the moment. Don't use it for my forum site, and my other site is just a bit generic for Twitter to really do much for it. Honestly find more success on Reddit and YouTube, as well as various Twitter alternatives elsewhere online.
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