Have You Ever Meet Someone From An Online Community?

Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by HIM, Mar 29, 2011.

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  1. joey791

    joey791 Participant

    Yes, me and one of the other admins from our site live 2 hours away from each other, plus another member lives 30 minutes from him. We have become best friends, we have a group get together for our anniversaries, plus we just had another member join in their area and him and his wife are set to meet all of us next get together.

    Also last month I went out of town on training and met one of our global mods(we've been friends for at least 4 years)
  2. PoetJC

    PoetJC [ ♥ One-Eyed Jacq Of Hearts ♥ ]

    Where's the poll option for "Kinky Sexual Encounters" [​IMG]

    hahaha - just teasing - I've rarely met new folks irl that I met online.
    Although - I HAVE reconnected with acquaintances and friends I knew previously. I found them online.

    As for danger danger ==> throw caution to the wind and live a little bit. Online meeting is not much different from offline meeting. And if there's a concern for meeting a 'weirdo' online -- got news for you ==> There's a whole sea of weirdos you might meet out there IRL who probably think Internet Explorer is the next NASA vessel to Mars :)

  3. cpvr

    cpvr Tazmanian Master

    No, I haven't. But hopefully when I get some extra funds I can.
  4. PoetJC

    PoetJC [ ♥ One-Eyed Jacq Of Hearts ♥ ]

    1st trip to Tennessee?
    A quick visit the "other T" state and to Jacquii's crib... hmmm.... :banana:
  5. Soulwatcher

    Soulwatcher Devotee

    I met some one online before and she told me she was single. And about a hour after I was there her husband came home and they said they wanted to have a 3 way. Needless to say I bolted to the door before anything bad could happen. If your going to meet someone online, my advice is use caution!

    P.S. I should add I met my wife on AOL 13years ago, back when that type of thing was not common.
  6. pavemen

    pavemen Adherent

    My wife and I were inaugural members of Match.com and have been together since 1996 and married in 1998.

    I have met dozens of locals from my own website and even several from other states across the country. Talked to several via phone as well.
  7. Iconic

    Iconic Tazralian

    I have met one, it was a good experience meeting someone from online, I talk with a few through sms.
  8. PaulKet

    PaulKet Habitué

    I have met two people plus my wife on sites that have forums,.. one person via Facebook.
  9. mamaof2boys

    mamaof2boys Enthusiast

    I've met quite a few - in fact, I met a few of my closest IRL friends through forums.

    Last spring we had a meetup for my board and about 30 of us got together (10 or 12 members + kids and a spouse or two). We had a blast!
  10. Vizsla_Forums

    Vizsla_Forums Aspirant

    No, but loads of members from my forum who are over in america have met up and gone on walks, meetings (like large groups, one group had over 10 going on a walk). It is a dog forum so it encourages meeting and everyone seems to get along fine, but because of my location I cant go to any.
  11. Namorat

    Namorat Duder

    That is kind of scared. At least they could have told you what they want from the very beginning :)
  12. emily9

    emily9 Aspirant

    I'm not one who meets up with people online, so no.
  13. crushbunny

    crushbunny This is the title~

    You meant protection right? :Order:

    I have met few people irl via facebook... But none from a forum. :hopeless:
  14. SteveMetalman

    SteveMetalman Participant

    Yeah, we are are a dartsforum so we meet up a lot at tournaments, both as players and as spectators in various parts of the country
    This has built a stronger community as we have got to know each other.
    Also we have an annual forum meet up and tournament.

    We also have forum tournaments between us and the other rival dart forums.
    Theres about half a dozen dart forums in the UK each have their own niche in the darting community, so we really aren't competing for members and creates a great talking point on the run up to the event.
  15. Staxed

    Staxed Staxalicious

    I've had plenty of meetings with groups of people from forums I'm frequent, games, or other websites. Actually have one coming up next week to go hangout at a local bar and chat about things for a bit.

    By the way, the options on this poll are horrible, lol ;)
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