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  1. RescueJoe

    RescueJoe Neophyte

    I see that many different web sites have multiple people blogging for the site.

    Does anyone else here have other people blogging on your site?

    Is it useful, as in do you feel it adds extra content to your site and value to your site or after doing it do you feel all you have done is taken up server space and wasted bandwidth?

    Also how did you go about recruiting bloggers?

    Thanks for any input.
  2. bbrian017

    bbrian017 Enthusiast

    People do this all the time and I think the idea originated from forums. See forum owners would pay people to post in their forums and then bloggers started doing it as well. People are doing it and it will have 0 affect on your bandwidth or server disk space. A blog is very small in general terms. Maybe if it generates new visitors and new comments then you will se an increase in all the things you mentioned but that's almost natural.

    I don't do it but I do encourage the engaging of blogger to blogger. So the idea here would be, you blog at my blog I blog at your blog.

    Great concept and it helps build activity to newer blog sites.
  3. getelastic

    getelastic Aspirant

    I love guest blogging. First, it's a completely white hat, honest way of getting back links. If someone is willing to put your opinions on their website, that's an editorial link with a twist.

    Second, you gain exposure - especially if the blog has a large subscriber base or is high traffic.

    Third, it's always good to do blogger outreach and network with your blogosphere peers.

    Fourth, you don't even need your own blog to guest blog! If you can prove you have a writing ability and offer free content to a blogger, they're likely to accept.

    Fifth, having people blog on your site gives you a break once in a while :banana: without disappointing your readers (you should stick to a regular schedule when possible)

    Sixth, you get the search engine benefit for content hosted on your blog - whether you wrote it or not.

    Now if you're looking for guest bloggers, ask your readers - it's a good way to get to know them, but there should be a screening process that includes writing samples and a topical proposal.
  4. d8tabyte

    d8tabyte Habitué

    Ive been searching for writers/bloggers for about a year. It's not as easy as it looks lol
  5. getelastic

    getelastic Aspirant

    You can look for opportunities to blog on others' sites by searching for bloggers in your niche and pitching them an email.

    You can find bloggers to post on your site the same way, or you can post opportunities on forums - especially stay-at-home mom forums / WAHM (work at home moms). They are often talented and freelance with their own blogs so you can check out their writing quality, Craigslist is another option.

    You can also hire bloggers to build up content on your blog for about $10/post (contract copywriters).
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