Grow your site to 100k daily visitors?

Discussion in 'Increasing Traffic' started by Drastic, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. ozzy47

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    I don't see why a new section is needed, the Exchange forum would work for this.
  2. Drastic

    Drastic Habitué

    My bad, I forgot that section was there.
  3. Delarno

    Delarno Neophyte

    It sounds like link exchange to me. The problem for people to accept exchange with you your site must have a high DA, and it takes time to build authority.
  4. Drastic

    Drastic Habitué

    It's not just a link exchange and we're not worrying about DA.

    It's similar niche/size sites working together, a lot more in depth (although very easy) than a basic link exchange and DA.
  5. iorG19

    iorG19 Aspirant

    DrasticDrastic your idea (in first post) is quite ... good. There are a lot of 'buts' inside. Let me explain and before that my english level si not so good so with my skill and my friend (google) i will share some points with you:
    first one (most important) you're right there are dozens, houndreds and mybe thousands of communities that there are gone just like a 'snap' finger. Why? The first reason is the content. You don't need houndred of users; five of them, at first (new installation) is a good number.
    second one (24h content) - after you get 'five dudes' that are workin' for/with you, then don't stop creating content. Each member posting 5-10 threads per day.. in one month we are taking about more that 100 threads, those treads are 100 links in external pages likes facebook, twitter, etc. If each member share all that content we are taking about 500 links in diferent places with no more that 5 members in just one month. Is a good statistic (if we talk about numbers) if only one friend of those five are sharing this content to his social network, then we have a 6'th client who help ...
    I can talk much more about trafic, mybe in another thread.
    Cheers m8,
  6. Felipe01

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    I am newbie in here.So thank you for this.It is very useful for me.
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