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Discussion in 'Forum SEO' started by Nathan, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. Zenith

    Zenith Participant

    Floris - your sites index page has a rank of 5, your forums index has a rank of 2 according to my google bar. :)
  2. jw791

    jw791 Enthusiast

    According to my google toolbar, your front page has a PR of 5 and your forums a PR of 4.
  3. Michelle Waters

    Michelle Waters Enthusiast

  4. Dyna Jim

    Dyna Jim Neophyte

    I tried that link for our Index page, and it came back with 4.20 of 10. However the google toolbar lists my PR at only 3, what gives?

    I have been trying desperatly to gain page rank for my online store and newly added forums, but nothing seems to help. I even paid one of those SEO guru's and two months later I haven't gained an inch. I feel so violated :irked: I wish I could get the straight scoop on this, and how to get good PR links back to my site. :bonk:
  5. tamarian

    tamarian Enthusiast

  6. Michelle Waters

    Michelle Waters Enthusiast

    What did your last SEO guru do?

    I tried going to your home page and got a little confused. My browser tried to redirect me to another page on your site and then it sorta hung there.

    But while I was hanging, I noticed that you have NO content on your home page (assuming that was your home page).

    Take a look at the Sybermoms home page: We have content, including a static, keyword phrase rich paragraph and content that changes often.

    This is the key to SEO and Page Rank.

    Also, I started a blog about a little more than two months ago, that now has a PageRank of 4. How? Constantly updated content, keyword phrases relevant to my topic and links on other sites to my site:

    This will not only help with PageRank, but also with your placement in Google and many other search engines themselves.

    Hope that helps. :)
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  7. immotive

    immotive fred

  8. Patrick

    Patrick Adherent

    Yeah, Toolbar is great. I hear people saying how it is loaded with spyware and I am like... "What?!"

    Anyway, all of my sites have a 6 PR, 2 of them have a 7 and 1 has a 0 (blocked from Google - working on it).
  9. cscgal

    cscgal Adherent

    Blocked from Google?! Goodness gracious how did that happen? I was pretty upset going from a PR7 to a PR5 on my site :(
  10. Patrick

    Patrick Adherent

    Well, it is anyones best guess... but the reasoning I have heard is that it was an expired domain. I then bought it and developed the site. Someone said that Google has a problem with expired domains, etc. I don't know. I've e-mailed them. We'll see.
  11. Kathy

    Kathy Tazmanian Veteran

    This is interesting to I'm unsure if this really matters. My site is ranked up on the top of the heap for its main keyword (and a high payout for adwords/adsense) on google and yahoo and number one for its sub-headings. But when I run it through the pr tool (up above, I don't have a google tool bar) it says 3.7.

    Now this is amazing since the traffic keeps growing and we hit another all time high record today: 343 online in the middle of the day.

    So how much does PR matter? Do I need to work on it for my site?

  12. Patrick

    Patrick Adherent

    PR matters. Being blocked has definitely hurt the site.

    But, I don't work on it. :) PR itself in other words. I don't have the time of the day to optimize every link, etc.
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