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  1. googleguru

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    well Google recently updated its algorithm to punish web spammers and low quality websites.

    The official announcement :

    However many webmasters are complaining that 100% white hat websites are getting hammered and there is a glitch in algorithm.

    This is a controversial update according to many well known webmasters:-

    Some examples are

    1. Search Google for "make money online" .First result is "" which is a totally blank blog.

    2.Search for "New Shoes" .Many irrelevant results are coming.

    Many people are demanding that Google should roll back the update.However matt cutts didnt said anything after 24th April about this update.

    But unofficial news is Google employees are pretty much annoyed by hundreds of negative comments in their own blog , forum and as well as in many popular forums.
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  2. LeadCrow

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    Not feeling too concerned with that. Organic beats other types of linkage IMO, which makes sense, as content is supposed to be shared by and made for humans, not bots or algorythms.

    All one can do is keep an eye on updates, report and share changes with negative consequences (like big legit sites losing presence while spammer-backed content farms grab the spotlight).

    If it caused this much turmoil to legitimate sites, surely they did not actually expect congratulations over it?
  3. ENF

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    I noticed some changes as a scraping site (using vb4) copied almost 100% of some of our public/free content (a vb3 site) seems to have been removed from our relevant search results.

    When searching for our key words, terms and topics... this other site used to pop-up right alongside our site but now it does not.

    They copied our threads word for word but changed the user names and even the dates of some of the threads. Even some threads were posted with a future date that had not occurred yet.

    They've copied content from a large amount of forum-based sites and even content from Yahoo! Answers.

    Needless to say, I'm thrilled that they got wiped from those search results. It could have gone the other way and then I'm not sure what I would have done at that point.
  4. 01Aaron

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    Nothing attracts me yet.
  5. satseo

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    we need to keep in mind the specifications of the search engine and never get the site banned or never gives low results. we should always check keyword stuffing and not so many subdomains. google punished for keyword stuffing, mirror sites, if you are in selling links then you get punished.
  6. brainjohn

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    Yes I also seen number of changes in two websites that I know and have worked on them. One of them got on top with almost all the keywords I was working and the other one got down on all keywords.
  7. TwoPalmTrees

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    Use to track scrapers using your content, duplicate content issues can mean lower rankings for your site.

    Also with this Penguin update means varying anchor text links to your forum in the future so as to not trigger any over optimization penalties.
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  8. princeerossen

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    Here i would have a question. What you can do if someone already posted your content. (many times you dont know) But Google crawled it on your website 1st so it will not consider it as your content? If no than i think everyone will do this for their competitor
  9. googleguru

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    1> someone copied your content.

    2> Google crawled your content first.

    3> you will be the genuine author and the second one will be copier



    1. Do not worry if someone copied your content [ if your content is already indexed then Google will understand you are the genuine author]

    2. Do not copy others content.
  10. TwoPalmTrees

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    Duplicate content can be an issue and there have been cases in the past were an authoritative site copied content and the original creator got filtered out of the search engine for specific phrases.

    If you spot duplicate content, best to email the webmaster and ask them to take it down.

    If they don't comply you have to decide whether to file a DMCA with google.
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