Google to add ad blocker to Chrome?

Discussion in 'Finance and Traffic' started by Shin Ryoku, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Shin Ryoku

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  2. Gus

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    Strange they would incorporate that when it would lose them revenue, they own one of the biggest ad networks on the internet. I'll bet it will block every ad but theirs.
  3. Joeychgo

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    Here is your key from the article:
    What do you want to bet that adsense wont be included in those ad types?
  4. mysiteguy

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    They are talking about fly-overs, delayed in page pop ups, etc.
  5. pierce

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    I've been on a few sites where i was redirected to one of those sites that buzzes your phone and says you've won big!

    So i welcome that being presented.

    It also helps Adsense in that if someone uses the network to do that the browser would prevent the user from having a bad experience.

    So i welcome it from a publisher and user.
  6. GTB

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    It's just a way to try and stop people from using other blockers like Ad Blocker, because it blocks their ads. If they provide one by default coming with Chrome, then many (novice) people might not feel they need install another one. That is how they'll probably look at it... meaning more of their adsense ads gets through to people. Actually, even Ad Block Plus doesn't block all ads, there is a setting in that lets you block all though. But by default it set to allow some ads (how they must make some revenue from it). But Google is not paying them to allow their ads funny enough.

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  7. Shin Ryoku

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    Not only novice people. I am far from a novice, but I'd rather use a default one than let ABP or uBlock Origin see all my data. Chrome already sees my data, so I'd prefer to let it handle the ad blocking, and I don't mind seeing regular ads, like Adsense ones, and am happy to support the sites I enjoy in that way. If Chrome blocks only the more obnoxious and insecure ads, that's ideal for me.

    I hope Google does this and manages to kill off ABP. The fact that they profit from letting big companies pay their way out of getting blocked is nothing more than a protection racket and highly unfair to those of us who don't have the means to pay them off. Ideally we'd be left with default browser ad blocking that lets some decent ads through and honest extensions like uBlock Origin that don't accept pay to play.

    Google does pay them to allow Google ads on Google properties but not to allow Google Ads on third party sites.
  8. insaneadmin

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    It's good to see Google finally cleaning Google up. Bit weird but if they go about in the manner it is sounding then this should be a good thing. The web is awash with rubbish, clickbaity and pointless ads and if this aims to go ahead and clean a good amount of that up, then bring it on!

    However, if it's a way for Google to exclude others but let through their own and the crud still comes through, then not only will Ad blocker use grow, but surely a lawsuit or forty will be knocking on the doors of Googleplex in no time.
  9. Tecca

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    I like the idea, to be honest. I want to support sites I visit if they have display ads, but there are bad eggs out there that have ruined it for others. I've never used an ad blocker until about a month ago, and now I block ads on almost every site.

    That's not to say that Google is the only network that displays ads I don't mind, but I can't argue with them favoring their own. At least people that use adsense will get my impressions/clicks instead of just having me block them outright with the ad blocker I'm using now.
  10. GTB

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    Since when does Google do anything that isn't done just to suit themselves? They are all about gathering information on web users- and using that information to send you targetted ads.

    When you think about ads displayed across the whole web on sites. The vast majority of ads used is google adsense. So anyone that uses a 3rd party ads blocker, they will have Google Adsense high (if not top of their list) that they want blocked to make their site browsing experience better. Simply because Google ads are far more used on sites than any other ads network. To think that Google is trying to do anyone a favour with this is laughable. That's exactly what they'd like people to think...
  11. insaneadmin

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    GTBGTB It's a shame you stopped reading after that little jokey quip as the rest of my message did go into it more. I was not letting Google off or worshipping them in any way at all. I just see this as a way for one part of Google to make another part of Google clean itself up a bit. Something that is waaaaaaaaayy overdue in regards to Adsense especially!
  12. bucket

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    this could be good for adsense publishers.

    and google will get more data to analyze.
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