Google Pixel or Pixel XL?

Discussion in 'Internet and Technology' started by Maddox, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. Maddox

    Maddox Habitué

    The reviews are in for Googles alleged iPhone killer - see what you make of them and whether you'd consider buying one, or replacing your iPhone. I've never used an iPhone so I can't speak for them, but these look pretty good.

    Check out the Review >>> HERE <<<
  2. Steve

    Steve Administrator

    Can't see that as a review really since the Pixel has yet to be released. That is more a tech overview.
  3. eva2000

    eva2000 Habitué

    no microsd card slot = no deal

    sticking with my S7 :)
  4. ds8vtrhfhe7

    ds8vtrhfhe7 Fan

    I've just ordered a 128gb card for mine today on the Amazon daily deal :)
  5. eva2000

    eva2000 Habitué

    yeah have a 128GB microsd in my S7 too - a must have :)

    Google seems to forget not every country has cheap mobile data rates and/or fast upload speeds for cloud storage for their phones ! Australia has some of the most expensive mobile data costs in the world with excess data usages up to AUD$200/GB !

    lol just checked out Telstra Australia preorder page for Google Pixel XL

    • AUD$92/month with 1GB mobile data for 32GB - 24 month contract
    • AUS$101/month with 1GB mobile data for 128GB - 24 month contract
    • AUS$121/month with 10GB mobile data for 128GB - 24 month contract
    • AUS$145/month with 20GB mobile data for 128GB - 24 month contract
    • AUS$195/month with 30GB mobile data for 128GB - 24 month contract
    Excess data 0.03/MB (charged per KB or part thereof) ! so ~AUD$30/GB
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  6. lordi

    lordi Adherent

    nice phone, :tup:
  7. Araripe

    Araripe Aspirant

    Google Pixel looks extremely nice.
  8. LordOfSpoon


    Love Android and love the style of iPhone. Just not the software of iOS. Seems like a pretty good idea, just no SD card kinda hurts, but you never know later on they could add to it before release.
  9. Maddox

    Maddox Habitué

    Not having an SD card slot is a somewhat backwards step considering that the other high flyers re-introduced this feature in their latest incarnations. However, to offset this Google is giving unlimited cloud space for storage, which is a nice feature; however, the downside is as eva2000 points out not every country has favourable data allowances or rates. So in some countries, this could end up being a deal breaker.

    Fortunately, in the UK we don't have this problem as there are many, many deals with huge amounts of data included. AUS$195 a month equates to roughly £120 for 30GB of data. On a new contract in the UK with EE the Pixel costs £9.99 upfront and with 40GB of data, the monthly cost is £65.99. This monthly cost can be reduced if you want to pay more upfront. So almost half the price with an extra 10GB thrown in. So, yeah this lack of an SD card slot can be quite an issue for some people.

    BTW, if it's not already commonly known the Pixel is being made by HTC on behalf of Google. I'll be giving this one some thought and will make up my mind when the full hands-on reviews arrive.

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  10. Danielx64

    Danielx64 Developer

    That's odd, if I go over my data I pay AUD$10/GB......
  11. Shin Ryoku

    Shin Ryoku Fan

    Love my S7 Edge but tempted by Pixel XL. I miss pure Android. Wireless charging is the feature I'd miss most if I make the switch.
  12. davemacc

    davemacc Fan

    Really want to get a good look at one of these. Seriously considering one as an upgrade to my S6.
    The storage issue doesn't bother me tbh. I set my phones and tablets to auto backup as soon as they connect to my home network.
    I generally prefer to use the smaller storage options as I don't like to have too much exposure to data loss if a device goes awol. It's something that has happened to me before (device stolen) and I am determined that it will not happen a 2nd time. Luckily a good amount of the data was backed up but I did lose enough to teach me a valuable lesson.

    I believe it has USB otg so there is an option for (very awkward )storage expansion.
  13. LeadCrow

    LeadCrow Apocalypse Admin

    Pick neither Pixel... IMO pure android doesnt make sense at those prices for only 2 years of software support, when Apple guarantees 4.
  14. Maddox

    Maddox Habitué

    I believe that for many people the above statement applies; for the cash-strapped it probably doesn't apply. I believe in light of this, and the fact that the mobile manufacturers are pushing new phones out every year most likely has dictated the two-year software update period.

    For me personally, I've only had my S7 for about 8 months and the Pixel is looking (so far) like a nice upgrade.

  15. davemacc

    davemacc Fan

    The pixel phones don't run pure android. It uses Googles own skin and has features baked in that are currently exclusive to it.

    As for the 2 year support issue, as Maddox said, very few users keep their phones longer then 2 years, especially at this price point.

    Also, when it comes to upgrading older handsets, I have the unfortunate task of having to provide support to staff who are still using iPhone 4s handsets. I have had to do the patches on these phones and the units are getting to a point where they are unusable. The problem is that they are still 'supported' and as far as the accounts department are concerned that's all that matters.
  16. Creaky

    Creaky Adherent

    One Austarlian carrier has sent the phone out early, the user has been posting updates on the phone

  17. BioWarfare

    BioWarfare The uphill battle

    Thought about buying it then saw the price point and color choices, "Quite Black," and "Very Silver". No. I'll wait on the new version next year or so, Pixel 2 or whatever else they come up with.
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