Google Launches VisBug, a Chrome extension to tweak existing web pages

Discussion in 'Graphics Discussion and Help' started by R0binHood, Nov 13, 2018.

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  2. BrandonSheley

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    Ah it's an extension.
    I saw someone tweet about it the other day and my google-fu was weak so I couldn't find anything out about it.
    I didn't know it was an extension, thanks for the info.
  3. GrrasSolutions

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    VisBug is currently available as a Chrome extension that can be installed from the main Chrome Web Store. VisBug is just like Firebug, but instead of letting developers tinker with a website's source code, it lets every-day users move around a website's elements using a point-and-click and drag-and-drop interface.

    VisBug's features could be embedded inside Chrome's Developer Tools, but as a tool to refine a website's current design. For example, a web developer could use VisBug to make small visual tweaks using its drag-and-drop GUI instead of tweaking CSS settings in the current and very unfriendly Chrome Developer Tools interface.
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