Google Announced Date Pack-Up of Google+ in April 2019

Discussion in 'Social Networking' started by johnmart, Dec 11, 2018.

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    Actually, after I read fixer's post I decided I might ought to adjust my thinking on this and finally yesterday I had the time to go into my archives and I see the rumors were flying around inside certain groups a fair bit before the official announcement was mad - - - no surprise there - - - but I see that on the inside the decision might have split folks at Google right down the middle. I think fixer is correct in observing it is a big deal. I just wasn't paying attention, because I am rather scared of all these Net know-me sites. I only got involved with Google+ at the request of an employee to help in the early stages of testing and then I didn't post too much or connect it with too many others.

    Interesting thing, though, is there seems to be a sort of shift in thinking style overall at Google. It has been showing itself for about 18 months or so and coming further and further out of the shadows. And that shift has to do with money. Maybe they are/have been losing money in some areas where before they figured it was okay, but new boss types at the top are no longer tolerating that style thinking. But that sort of stuff is secret, so unless we get a defection of the extreme sort, we'll not see the numbers or the minutes to the exec meetings.
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    You've nailed that one, for sure.

    But at my end it has been quite a learning process to see the manner in which they closed the information doors starting about 2011, and they clearly were closing those doors so they could start a process of changing some important aspects of how they conducted their business.

    Funny thing is that I am not so sure what they have done is a good thing. I mean for the Net society, if you will. I do not view the Net as just a giant new market where the key is to make money. That is clearly what the "new management" at Google is viewing the Net is for, and that means if you study the very little steps they started with to close down information getting out from the company, then you will learn a lot.

    But that wasn't what we expected from them long before 2011. Many of us really believed they would be different. How foolish we were. And that is another learning process. If you are good, it is easy to fool people on the Net - - - in our new Net World.
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    I don't think I'd be missing the social network. From start it was not worth the investment of time. Plus the thing is that Google honestly doesnt care for many of its own serious projects. So the social network was going to be closed eventually.
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    Google has virtually unlimited cash. Money is not a problem for them.

    The reason they're shutting down Google+ is because of that security incident and how they didn't want to be dragged before Congress to be humiliated like Facebook was. They did it to protect their brand.
    Well, I guess there is Dragonfly.
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