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  1. Caitlyn

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    Hey guys!
    Could someone explain Google Adsense in a bit more detail? First, how do they determine how much you make? Do you make money by having the ads up or by people clicking? If it is pay-per-click, how much do you earn per click? Second, how do they get the money to you?

    Thanks! :2cents:
  2. 350z_Tech

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    its by members clicking on the ads but it has to do with click through rate. if you go to their site they will explain it in more detail, but thats the basics of it. i use it and it pays our sites very well.

    good luck
  3. Ted S

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    Google uses a scoring system much of which is secret but basically the take the CPC rate that the person pays (for a search site) and applies a formula based on your site's conversion ratio, account status and other factors to determine what to pay.

    Both. Adsense was originally ppc (pay per click) only but they have added CPM support. You may never show a CPM ad or you may show one the first day.

    It varies greatly based on your industry, conversion rate, traffic, etc...

    Check or electronic transfer (US only).
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    Thanks, Ted! :) And with the check or electronic transfer, that is your choice?
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    Yes you choose which payment delivery method they sue from within your Adsense account. You can change it whenever you like.
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