Good Registration Rate; Not So Good Post Rate

Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by The Equivocate, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. The Equivocate

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    Okay, here's the problem. My forums have been open for about 45 days now, and we're currently sitting pretty at 137 members. This is due in part to us really pusing the registrations: quick register on the main page, a giant button that tells guests to register, member-only downloads, member-only chat, etc. However, we only have 588 posts - that averages out to 13 posts a day, and 4 posts a member. Upon further examination of the member list, only 19 members have more than 5 posts. 53 members have never posted at all.

    What other things can we do to get members posting? I periodically send out newsletters highlighting all the recent events of the forums that I think would get them to get posting. We have rap battle tournaments, a member of the month contest going on, and still no posting.
  2. Scribbller

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    Well post regularly yourself, an admin should atleast post 20 to 30 posts himself once he has started a forum to start some discussions, you cannoy expect members to come and start discussing themselves, give them something to discuss and they will eventually start discussions themselves.
  3. The Equivocate

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    I have 71 posts myself.. 35 of them being threads.
  4. helleborine

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    I have a "welcome mat" section only viewable to members. Whenever there is a new registration, a welcome thread is started for them. It's a personal greeting. I don't know if it works in the long term, or how much effect it really has, but it's nice.
  5. Enspire

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    I find that the welcome mat thing just looks like spam. I used to do that and got a lot of complaints.
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