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Discussion in 'Increasing Traffic' started by o-o, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. o-o

    o-o Aspirant

    I am currently working in a new website-forum about Esports but not limited to it (all gaming-focusing, but can talk about anything if you want).
    I understand that starting off a forum nowadays in 2018 is kind of hard (harder than years back), and that's in part because there are TONS of websites of every typical thematic, so big forums of certain thematic controls that market (in my opinion, at least).

    I have been thinking about social media to advertise the forum. And, of course, people get their interest in an interesting site, but also if it has real giveaways.
    As we are talking about "Esports", I was thinking about spending some of my income in giving away, every x time, some things.

    Maybe steam games, or like a promotional code of $xx to spend in steam.
    In a more specific advertisement (CSGO, other games), maybe some skins, or even a monthly subscription in third party sites where you can play more smoothly.

    Of course those giveaways would be promoted in the social media, but you have to redeem them by registering and by posting content (well, only posts), in the forum.
    My forum will have the cash points system where you earn them by posting. I was thinking that by doing a RT/like/posting in forum and then when you reach xx posts (which would lead to xx coins) you get to redeem the gift.

    Do you think this would work?
    What else do you think it can be valid to promote in social media to incentive users to register, to post, and to get to know the site? (Of course, quality content will be posted, so they get engaged with it)

    Thank you, and feel free to post your opinion so we can start off sone conversation! :)
  2. GrrasSolutions

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    You can do social media campaigning for your website to bring more relevant traffic and conversion. Every business takes time to establish, so firstly you should focus on SEO and Google Algorithms which help you to get rank your website on search engines.
  3. cornnfedd

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    hmmm competitions can be hit and miss, problem is that people will register and post to win the comp and when they do will leave and never come back, or if they dont win they will also leave and never come back, so it needs to be done properly..
  4. mysiteguy

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    Your answer has nothing to do with his question (whether giveaways help grow a forum) and it only serves to bump a long abandoned thread.
  5. LeadCrow

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    Esport is actually not that hard to run communities around. Many might have succeeded but tons more are or have failed - an opportunity worth researching.
    The easiest way to create a discussion group is by making it either cover specific games, or the prime meeting point of a clan, preferably local then expanded. Venues like reddit and discord are too limited and hard to coherently organize information on.

    A competition? IDK, it would make sense doing an actual tournament with a pot rather than a direct promotion for an empty forum. A tournament can fund itself and more between player contributions and sponsorships, whereas promoting a forum might result in a temporary activity boost and the loss of your investment.

    Nowadays kids play mostly online so organizing a realworld meetup could go a long way, maybe even net you some press coverage if you play your cards well.
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