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Discussion in 'Community Success Stories' started by Kelson64, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Kelson64

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    I have two success stories, both related to Electronic Arts.

    I have had two websites for video games developed by Electronic Arts. The most recent was for Warhammer Online. With my fansite, we did a lot of interviews and podcasts. Through my site, I got to "know" the developers and even the founder and CEO of the studio which was making the game. A job came up, and I applied and quickly go the job. Consequently, I had to close my site because that was something they did not allow employees to have. The funny thing is, when I went to work, everyone called me by my screen name instead of my real name.

    The other story is again based on a fansite for an EA game. This time in the Tiger Woods franchise. I was very outspoken (but constructive) about the game. One day I got an email from the executive assistant to the Executive Producer of the game. He wanted to talk to me. So I gave my phone number, and a couple of hours later the Executive Producer called me. Simply put, he thought I had the pulse of the community down, and he called me several times to get my opinions. I also participated in conference calls with the entire development team. I was given the title Community Lead, and had a great time. The nicest perk was that they sent me all kinds of free stuff as well.
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    Wow that's awesome. Its great when developers hire from their community, it happened (and still is happening) with Bungie and 343i most recently.

    Goes to show that developers do browse forums even if they don't post. People shouldn't be apart of countries or create fan communities to get jobs, they should do it because they love doing it.
  3. cpvr

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    That's quite an amazing success story. Congratulations!
  4. Choice83

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    That is so nice to hear when someone has a success story like You. It just gives a motivation for all web or forum administrators or owners to never give up and work hard on their project because You never know, when You will get a reward for Your persistence and hard work.
  5. jw15

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    Really amazing, congratulations, but I am sure this didn't happen by mistake, it is all your talent that brought this success to you.
  6. RodneyM

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    Congratulations Kelson!
  7. Hotmess

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    Wow, congratulations!

    It is nice when a team from the products we are passionate about and follow online acknowledge us
  8. Websitepros123

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    That is awesome news about the power of the net and being all we can be. Awesome and my hats off to you my friend
  9. Kelson64

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    Thanks for the nice comments guys. I think the main thing you have to do is be aggressive. Just making a gaming site isn't enough, you have to be the driving force behind it. Send out e-mails to the public relations offices at the various game development studios. Trust me, it doesn't matter if your site has 200 members, if you're promoting their game for free, you will get their attention. This is not only good for YOU personally, it is also good for your site and community.

    I remember when I went to work for EA Mythic (now BioWare Mythic), one of the first people I met was a guy from their community team who I used to contact a lot in order to get interviews and podcasts with developers. He shook my hand firmly and said, "Man, you are one tenacious dude!".

    That would be my best advice. Be tenacious!
  10. NerdForum

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    That's awesome, glad to hear it. :)
  11. gackt

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    good to hear
    it is not easy to be contacted directly from a big company!
    you must be real someone wow
  12. Payy

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    I wish the same effort was applied by Nexon. I have fansites, large fansites, for some of their games and they refuse to even acknowledge I exist. They would never go out of their way to help me with anything or ask for my input on matters even though I know their community staff browse my fansites to gauge reactions to things (our fansite is almost as busy, if not busier than the official forums).

    Great stories, thanks for the share.
  13. ForumsGroup

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    That's great to hear! It's not everyday you hear about game developers going out and actually visiting some of these other gaming communities, let alone hire them as part of the team.

    So, question is. Do you still work with EA or the developer?
  14. AFMichael

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    That is truly amazing! Congrats on your success through your forums. Definitely shows the possibilities that are available when things line up.
  15. MarkDD

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    There are many sites, where you can look for work, but now days, the competiton is big even this way. Good opportunity though.