General Disrespect, but I can't do anything.

Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by IENO, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. IENO

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    Well, on my site, me and my friend admin. We have a team of fairly good mods, all who know their subject. However, we only have about 50 members. So, when one of my mods -- who posts alot, keep in mind -- flames me, what do I do? I feel like I cant afford to demod him or even get mad. Help!
  2. Mephisto

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  3. IENO

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    No, waht I mean is, if I do demod them, my activity will go down since he is a contributing member, and was voted funniest member...:hopeless:
  4. MissMoke

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    I found out the hard way that I'd rather have a board that moves slower and the respect of my members and staff than high patronage but everyone treating me and the staff like so much gum scraped off the bottom of a shoe.

    Part of his job is to be a leader and show respect... his actions don't display that. Not mod behavior in the least. Give him a warning, and when (not if) it happens again, he loses his post and he gets to take a break.

    Stand your ground... your forum exists for a purpose outside of feeding this guy's ego and you have a job to do. You're the admin-- there isn't anything you CAN'T do.
  5. IENO

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    Ok, thanks. I think I will follow that advice.
  6. Jim McClain

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    I'm hoping you will follow this advice too:

    Don't use a TAZ staff badge for your avatar. That badge, I'm sure you know, is reserved for staff members only.

  7. adigaskell

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    Just send him a pm asking him to remain as neutral as possible because this is what you're after from a moderator. It might also be worth reminding him, and other members, that if you really must flame someone that it should be done in private as it's a personal issue, not a public one.
  8. Dr Small

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    We went through this same thing at Firefox Forums, and the biggest poster, a super mod, started getting nasty with admins, and he eventually went and broke all the rules in one post.

    But we had to hold our ground, and not compromise the forum rules, so, to this day, he has been deleted and IP banned. His other accounts he registered under have also been banned, to keep him from coming back.

    Some times, there nothing more you can do, when they start breaking the rules.
    And the thing was, HE was a super mod, making sure everyone else obeyed the rules.
    Then he turned around and broke them all.....

    Dr Small
  9. Sleepylazy2006

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    I would personally demod him, and depending on the situation, I would either let him post as a member or ban him.

    As an Admin of my own forum, I do my best to follow my own rules.
  10. Majic

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    Troll With A Badge

    Kick the trolls off your staff and your membership will probably increase.

    A troll who posts a lot is still a troll -- in fact, those are the worst kind of troll.

    Caveat: If you're really only interested in traffic, then you might want to encourage trolling, flame wars and the like. They generate a lot of churn.

    But eventually, the kids get bored and move on to other places where the trolling is more fun.

    But still, it's always up to you what's allowed and what's not, since you're the one holding that big shiny ban hammer.

  11. Ollie1

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    This is something you cant ignore. Especially with such a small userbase.

    You need to take action, but don't go over the top. Start small and escalate as necessary.

    For example;

    1st: Unofficially tell him you don't like the flaming and expect a lot more from a moderator.
    2nd: Issue an 'official' warning explaining that his actions are inappropriate and if it continues you will be forced to take further action. Explain that you value him as a moderator but you have to deal with everyone equally.
    3rd: Remove him as a moderator. Make sure you explain to him your reasons and thank him for his time.
    4th: Should be become abusive warn him that he will be banned if he continues
    5th: Ban him, his email, and his IP.

    Thats generally the format i follow, but not always in that order. Its up to you to decide which level is a proportionate response to his actions.
  12. grepper

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    Flames you?

    Flames you??

    Publicly disagrees with you in a post and makes you seem silly? Methinks you doth protest too much my dear!

    Ignore or take with a grain of salt some of the 'banning' advice listed earlier.

    what was the group response to this 'flaming' incident?

    did they concur? did they say ANYTHING in response? that may be more important to observe than anything else.....

    you may just be overreacting because YOUR feelings were hurt... :( has he ever exhibited this behaviour before? where were you then if so?

    just post back in reply saying,"hey joe, just chill -we dont talk to our members that way, and I'm a member too! :D"

    follow that up with a slightly less jovial but plain PM saying you dont like the negative energy directed at you, as it is felt that that diminishes the forum karma somewhat.

    Next behind the scenes start analysing your traffic to see whats normal so you can know if it goes 'abnormal' when and if he is banned.

    I think many here are travel agents for Banlandia!
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