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Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by ctuska, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. ctuska

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    I have created a stock forum @

    im looking for ideas and ways to get members to sign up, I get about 300-500 pageviews a day with the help of my twitter facebook and google+ pages but am having a hard time converting the page views to actual members.

    Any ideas??
  2. Preemo

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    Twitter could really pay off. Try to tweet as much as possible, and tweet famous people who relate to your niche, some may reply or retweet you :)

    Good luck anyway!
  3. T3chn0

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    You may also benefit from having an off topic section as some days certain people won't want to talk about stocks and these irrelevant discussions can help entertain your members when this occurs. Also, some interesting conversations can spark from them as well which will motivate your members to come back and see them.
  4. Leaf_Green

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    I concur. You should add a category called "Off-Topic" and add a couple of extra forums in there. Perhaps you could try marketing the site through YouTube, without being too spammy of course. I would normally advise post exchanges, but I think only a select number of members here would want to talk about stocks. However, the more posts you have, the higher the likelihood is of members signing up, typically.

    Do you have any close friends who are investors? Perhaps you could convince them to help you out.
  5. gogoblender

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    Make your content sparkle.

    This means looking hard at what you're putting out on your site and asking tough questions like...

    Is my site as good as or better than what other sites in my niche have
    If I were to arrive at your site would I instantly want to sign up because I "have" to read articles that you have written.
    How often are you putting up new articles
    Do you have guest speakers show up for live talks that are famous in your niche
    Do you run interviews on a weekly basis with successful stock magnates that readers would want to read? This creates anticipation from a fledgeling audience as to who your next guest will be as well.

    Questions like that give you good insight into your own "product" or site. If you want traffic, you'll need to give your readers an amazing site that answers their questions, provides useful extra information and meaningful analysis.

    If people aren't registering, it's your content that tells us the real reason why.

    good luck


  6. forumhookers

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    Try some post exchanges and also give a try to ********.com if you need some HQ posters.
  7. Leaf_Green

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    +4 Funny name for a forum, but the site doesn't exist apparently.
  8. onlydesigned

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    Haven't tried that, tweeting famous people is great idea!
  9. Hotmess

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    That is a really good idea.

    The best part is won't hurt to try
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