Forums slow down this time of year?

Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by Ironduke, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. Ironduke

    Ironduke Enthusiast

    Was wondering if anybody else has a dip in activity starting about this time of year, during the holiday season.
  2. Sunlite

    Sunlite full moons just wonder

    I think you have to expect it this time of year. There are so many things going on, anything from finishing up assignments in school before the holiday break/ end of semester , holiday shopping, family events, etc, etc.
  3. tristan_SMM

    tristan_SMM Certified Smartass

    I've got the same problem. And I've got a newer forum than most (40 members) and its not looking good for me right now. My moderator and another very dedicated few members are always on, but its still a little disappointing. Link in my sig.
  4. PalePhoenix

    PalePhoenix Prince of Dorkness

    The summer's slow. The holiday's are slow. The new year is slow. Whatever. There's nothing behind any of that. Don't advertise, and no one will find you. It's not as if they aren't online. You just have to find a way to encourage them to make your board a bookmarked pitstop.

    (and simply saying 'bookmark us' is immaterial; you give them something that can't be found elsewhere)
  5. Stormy

    Stormy Aspirant

    For us the summers slow because a lot of our members are travelling around the festival and party circuit. It is now the winter nights are drawing in, well in Britain anyways, that we have more folk on the forum... its all cool, and what will be will be :)

    It is actually refreshing to see folk out and about and doing stuff instead of hanging at home spending their lives on the puter :unhunh: perish the thought hehehe
  6. Frodosringfinger

    Frodosringfinger Nerd Herder @ Geek4ums

    I actually found this week and on Thanksgiving day I had more activity. I guess because all schools are closed, and people post waiting for their Thanksgiving dinner when theres nothing else to do.
  7. alexplank

    alexplank Aspirant

    I've noticed the opposite of the OP's observation. We have more activity, although that's probably due to our site growing (every month seems to be more active than the preceding one).
  8. Phrost

    Phrost Full Contact Webmaster

    All depends on the demographics of your forums really. If your members are the kinds of folks that post during work hours to alleviate boredom, yeah, it'll drop. If they're students, you might see a rise in activity, especially if your forums are related to a hobby or game.
  9. couponsaremygame

    couponsaremygame Fun 'N Frugal Gal

    My first post here, :wave: but totally agree. I find that it depends on the demographics of your site. I think most our forum members at SAHMs and we are a shopping forum (deals) so we don't see much of a drop at the holidays because we are all yapping about our holiday shopping deals. I guess it depends on what your forum is about as well as who your members are.
  10. my3shadows

    my3shadows Adherent

    On the holidays themselves, traffic is slow of course, but the overall timeframe (November-January) is usually busier on my site. Not sure why...maybe it's just that more people are online doing shopping and stop in to the site to post. I don't know...

    Summer is the slow time for EP. The kids are out of school on summer vacation and parents are busy with their kids' various activities. I usually have a posting contest or two to keep things moving. :)
  11. MrsJohno

    MrsJohno Enthusiast

    I've too noticed a drop in the summer due to the kids being off school, and although the forum activity has increased since September we are still suffering from loosing a major back link at the end of September.

    Members are active and the site itself is busy but the stats are showing a big drop in unique hits.
  12. tracymw

    tracymw Habitué

    We try to involve Holiday activities on the forums. It worked really well for Halloween and hope Christmas is as good.
  13. Nevaevaneva

    Nevaevaneva Enthusiast

    I might even go as far as getting a christmas template, christmas games an d vmoies for my theatre and arcade, and make my ranks santa hats or something!
  14. tracymw

    tracymw Habitué

    The administrator for our site has a Christmas skin and it is awesome. During Halloween, we had avatar contest, trivia contest and we are getting ideas for Christmas as well.
  15. Nevaevaneva

    Nevaevaneva Enthusiast

    Anyone have a good christmas skin for phpBB2?
  16. Auron

    Auron Enthusiast

    I think certainly December is a slow month .. I for one dont get as much time on my forums as I would like, what with xmas shopping etc I would think its the same for a lot of ppl ...members go home, visit families, go on holiday, that kinda thing

    I agree with traceymw post above ... adding things like a halloween/xmas skin is always gud idea, as is a Xmas-dedicated forum :)
  17. Deadairdave

    Deadairdave Aspirant

    Our fourms become dead every year from around the 18th December to the 4th January. I think it's the time for families and playing with their new toys. Most of our male adult members seem to be getting xBox 360's off their other halves, so that will probably add to the dead-ness.

    Doesn't stop me and the other admin doing the annual forum dusting and removing all the outdated posts, dead links and members who haven't posted in more than 6 months. ;)

  18. adigaskell

    adigaskell Adherent

    We're still doing ok, just above average for the year so far this month, although it's slightly down on last month. I always figured that if things are slow then you just work harder :)
  19. Libertate

    Libertate Devotee

    I see distinct seasons for my members.

    New Year, Spring and Fall are the best times.

    Right now, till the "New Year Resolutions" come into play, we are the lowest of the year in activity.
  20. PhoenixOrion

    PhoenixOrion Dr. Fruitloop

    I thought I was the only one having this problem. Although the decreased activity has enabled me to get quite of bit of work done of the forums. So I guess that's the up-side of it all. lol
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