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Discussion in 'Free Hosted Forums' started by GamesGaloure, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. GamesGaloure

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  2. Manberlin

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    First off, is this a forum you are serious about? If you are I would choose neither of them and go paid. Neither will give you the database if you need it and overall, they have much smaller customization abilities.

    If you must choose between the two however, I would choose ForuMotion. They have been pretty good otherwise. The shorter domains would be a big plus, and they have a wide variety to choose from.
  3. Akela

    Akela viam aut inveniam...

    Offtopic: you should remove "index.php?sid=fjkdfjk..." portion from your link before pasting it. You don't want to confuse search engines too much :)
  4. PoetJC

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    I kinda agree with Jeremy there. If you are putting your own time and energy into creating an online community - the database should be yours, the domain should be yours too and you will be better off for owning both. :)

    I think you'd also have a better chance at success by having as well instead of a subdomain on forumer or any other "free" forum type service. My opinion anyway :p

    You could find shared webhosting for little or nothing - perhaps you might even look into purchasing the domain and looking for a free webhost that gives cPanel and database permissions, so you can create your own forum and own it in its entirety ;)

  5. alwaysforum09

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    you need to get a top level domain and paid webhosting if its a serious forum :) .
  6. Marshalrusty

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  7. el canadiano

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    I'm sure he means a .com.

    Besides, that stuff they add on the bottom is horrendous. It is best if you host your own forum, considering I'm sure real phpBB (or whatever forum software you use) support beats out whatever or forumer offers you.

    Oh yeah, and I forgot to say, Forumotion are liars. Their "phpBB 3" forum is nothing more than a modified version of phpBB 2 made to look and feel like phpBB 3.
  8. Akela

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    No kidding?
  9. cassiecw

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    I would personally stay away from any free provider that doesn't allow you to get hold of the forum database backup. If/when you decide to move onto your own host - how will you move the forum? Copying each post by hand is tedious ;)

    I looked at Forumotion for my forum but very quickly looked elsewhere when I saw that I couldn't have the backup. Don't know of the others I'm afraid.
  10. el canadiano

    el canadiano But I said ███████████

  11. JayCeeS

    JayCeeS The Alpacas Are After Me

    If you truly are going to go with a free forum, I would chose forumotion. I have had forumer forums and their support staff are snobs. Yes I have a personal issue with one of them. Can't be trusted.
  12. imkingdavid

    imkingdavid Developer

    I would like to echo what others have said here; if you are looking to being your own forum and you are serious about having a thriving community, do not go with a free forum host such as forumer or forumotion. Almost none of them give you the ability to backup or make changes to your SQL or filesystem (normally even offering altered admin panels).

    The best way to go is to get a free or paid web host with FTP and MySQL/PHP available, and upload phpBB and install it yourself. This will give you full customization ability and will allow you to more easy change hosts later on if needed.

    There are guides for doing so on, or just search Google. Some hosts will even set it up for you.
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