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Discussion in 'Free Hosted Forums' started by Kaby, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. Kaby

    Kaby Neophyte


    I informed myself about the forumotion db and I know that neither paying them for the db (because they just don't want to give it) nor a converter is an acceptable solution.
    However, what exactly is included in their "database rights"?

    For example: If I ask members to register to another host and use the same forum name, subforum names, category names... Would I still violate their ToS? I mean, forum name and such things are my intellectual property (the CSS is not even hosted on their sever anymore, because it has a character limitation...).

    There was also a post in the English support forum where a Forumotion helper said that the admin would need to copy himself the posts, but I somehow doubt that this wouldn't violate the ToS, since a post is also saved in their db...
  2. Kaby

    Kaby Neophyte

    Anyone? : (
  3. The Sandman

    The Sandman Administrator


    I don't see anything in their TOS that would preclude you doing so.
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