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  1. AJS

    AJS MyBB Support Tech'

    I use Hostgator for my MyBB forum which costs me US$8.95 a month.

    IxOHGEEZxI Aspirant

    +0 has some hosting services.
  3. Oldiesmann

    Oldiesmann Tazmanian

    GoDaddy doesn't have a great reputation for webhosting. Take time to do some research and find the best host for a price you can afford - not the one that gives you the most stuff for the lowest price (hint: there's no such thing as unlimited space or unlimited bandwidth).
  4. xXTHeEddYXx

    xXTHeEddYXx Enthusiast

    Their VPS hosting is pretty good though.
  5. Chaze

    Chaze Habitué

    I wouldn't recommend that you use HostGator, either. A Small Orange is a great host, and their cheapest package is only $25 annually. You can upgrade your plan in accordance with your website's traffic.
  6. el canadiano

    el canadiano But I said ███████████

    If you're looking for a host, start with a free host like

    Typically, most forums don't use more than 200MB, until heavy mods and attachments come in, and that doesn't happen until the forum gets very big. You can start off with a free host like that one (they're fairly reliable too) and then maybe later, you can go for a paid host. These guys are decent, but do your homework when you look for a host.
  7. sportainment

    sportainment Fan

    Stay away from Forummotion if you intend to run a serious site.
  8. leerees

    leerees Aspirant

    I use dsvr for my hosting, costs around £700 per year, the only limitation is storage space. ive just began hosting another forum on which is less money, so far everything is ok.
  9. mattchew

    mattchew Enthusiast

    I agree with everyone else, if you are serious about starting a forum, STAY away from places like forum motion. With those, you don't have any control of your forum, and you are always connected to them with that forum.

    There are plenty of hosts out there that offer good hosting, and domains are cheap, and there is plenty of forum software for you to use once you get a host. Like someone said, you can always try a free hosting plan(not forum hosting) and see how your forum goes, and since it's your hosting, you will still have access to the files and databases if you decided to upgrade to a paid host. I'd say, that your best option is to have the most control over your board as possible.
  10. orc_dragoon

    orc_dragoon Aspirant

    Forumotion is probably the only free forum host I would recommend. As most of there themes are custom and there software ( Heavily Modded phpbb2 ) is very usable. Overall, If you dont have to use it, then don't.
  11. el canadiano

    el canadiano But I said ███████████

    Zetaboards > Forumotion.

    Even then, Zetaboards isn't something I'd definitely recommend.
  12. enlil

    enlil Neophyte

    I've seen a lot of forum with more than 100k members on forumotion ( and the biggest community are the french and arab ).

    I think it's a good hosting if :

    • You don't want to develop the software yourself.
    • You don't mind one banner add.
    • You don't want to get the database of members/messages later.
    What you win is :

    • No forum hosting issue.
    • No database hosting issue.
    • Good theming system ( maybe it's because I'm used to it but on each theme change I just browse choose one theme and then modify it like I want and it's finished ( while with IPB i must fight days with template / lot of css files to get what I want ) ).
  13. gogoblender

    gogoblender shiny happy pantless

    Good post
    Welcome to Taz!



    p.s. We started off on Invisionfree. Fast, free, so easy to use.
  14. Richy59

    Richy59 Neophyte

    We have used Forumotion for nearly 4 years now and our community had grown up pretty well using it. I am very serious about running the community, but I wish I had moved the forums earlier to a proper server and used something like vBulletin. Now we have a community that will not appreciate us losing all of their posts and comments from the past 4 years just to move to new software.

    From what I understand I can't back up a forumotion database to move it? It's only what I have heard, only recently started looking into it.

    I have been using the support team for a few things lately and they keep coming back with the same answer which isn't helping. I don't think they quite get the problems I am having to be fair.

    Other than that I have found it to be a pretty good place to learn how to run a community :)
  15. enlil

    enlil Neophyte

    Yes you can't.

    But in the thread here they seems to talk about a forumotion to phpbb3 converter ( but idk if it works and where it is ).

    I think if I ever had to move from forumotion to forum system hosted by myself i would just leave it like closed ( members who want to continue a thread just create it and put a link to the previous thread on the forumotion forum ), in a way it could clean the forum of not anymore alived members or threads.
  16. HIM

    HIM Fan

    This FAQ made me never want to use them.
  17. janeyblue

    janeyblue Aspirant

    i wanted to get a forum up quickly and i didnt have much experience so i went for forumotion. I beleive i cant have access to the database or earn any money from advertising is that right? They get all the money from the adverts?:help:
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