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  1. Marshalrusty

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    Relevant announcement on Introducing Forumatic - Managed phpBB Hosting

    Our development team leader and I recently launched Forumatic, a managed hosting platform for hassle-free deployment of phpBB.

    Due to phpBB's open and transparent development, we are able to provide the yet unreleased phpBB 3.1 and push new updates to everyone just as soon as they are stable enough in the development branch. The hardware is professionally managed and scales seamlessly as more resources are required. Naturally, all software maintenance is likewise taken care of so users can spend time working on their content and communities.

    Naturally, this is written with the open source spirit in mind. There are no contracts, content restrictions (other than illegal stuff), and you can grab your data any time. We hope to use the revenue gained from this as a means of increasing the resources going into phpBB's development.

    Forumatic is just over a week old and we are working hard to make more features available, but are really interested in hearing what you guys think.
  2. Morganna

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    Couple of questions :D

    Are people able to take their data themselves, or is it request-based with a fee?

    you mention about using revenue - does that mean you'll push ads on the hosted sites (understandably, if so).

    Good luck, guys! I'm sure you'll make this system as popular as phpBB itself has become :)
  3. Marshalrusty

    Marshalrusty phpBB Project Manager

    The option to export data is available on the "My Communities" page and is completely free. We definitely want people to stay because they like us and not because we locked the door behind them.

    Like all quality hosting, the service is not free. We are using something akin to the model, so revenue comes directly from users who select the non-free plans.
  4. Morganna

    Morganna Mistress of Mayhem

    Sounds like it has the makings of a good package. And I personally think you're showing excellent foresight by allowing people to export their data so easily. Smart move on your part :tup:. I've found that when people can't do something, that's generally when they start thinking they need to :D
  5. BMR777

    BMR777 Enthusiast

    Good luck with your service, but unfortunately the odds are against you. I've done free forum hosting on and off since 2007 and I will say that the market today is way different than it was back then. Now that free web hosting is plentiful most people will go with that rather than a free hosted forum.

    I would suggest changing your support forum's theme to something other than the default as well.

    Good luck getting quality users to sign up for your service.
  6. HIM

    HIM Fan

    This really sounds like a great idea and I am really looking forward to seeing how you guys take the competition by storm.
  7. Speaker90

    Speaker90 Aspirant

    I set up a test account and i must say that its the closest thing to a standard phpBB package someone can find in the terms of free hosting. It seems that you will wipe the floor with the competition.
  8. Richard.R

    Richard.R Adherent

    This looks excellent :)

    good job Yuriy
  9. LeadCrow

    LeadCrow Apocalypse Admin

    +1,543's success comes from the base free plans with paid extras.

    While I welcome the possibility of exporting away to selfhosting, you might want to consider instead capping free exports to a certain size (50-100k posts?), so small forums can export away free but big forums on Forumatic could still send a reasonable amount of coin to the phpBB project rather than zero.
  10. tbofram

    tbofram That cool member

    good luck with your project, imo it looks really professional and i would be happy to see my site flying your flag on our home-page (if we ran PHPBB). maybe in the future you will expand into other forum software and i can give you a try
  11. wreckmaster

    wreckmaster Neophyte

    Forumatic is over priced and under supported, today 17 Dec and no support staff on the support forum for two days.
    I have left Formatic but am now experiencing problems retrieving my data and I feel like I am being ignored by the support team.

    I am waiting for an answer from the support forum since Tuesday Dec 11, six days now .

    The Formatic team promised Paying Customers that they could on leaving take their accumulated data with them.
    But the archive / downloader is broken, Mr Adermann was aware of this as far back as August and has still not fixed it or provided an alternative. ..

    Would not recommend Forumatic to anyone
  12. rafalp

    rafalp Desu Ex

    Looking at your posts in thread you are linking to I am wondering if it was them or your technical expertise...
  13. wreckmaster

    wreckmaster Neophyte

    Downloader / Archiver

    Thanks for your reply , if you had read all the posts you would see that the problem is with the Archiver / Down loader , its not working and in one post Nils did admit that.

    The problem has now been resolved by Nils.
    Nils has gone above and beyond what might be expected of him and provided all the files through Drop Box .

    Formatic is still pricey and the owners need to pay a little more attention to the support forum. This problem spilled out to other forums because George was waiting four Days for an answer to his post.
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