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Discussion in 'Forum Software Development' started by fixer, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. Martyn

    Martyn Aspirant

    tested out nodebb recently, didn't seem too bad.
  2. rafalp

    rafalp Desu Ex

    Sort of magnificent gravedig but whatever ;)

    This is outdated way to look at web apps, it has been for some time now.

    In 2006 Wordpress 4.7 has shipped, bringing complete JSON API with it for other applications to consume. Earlier, back in July 2011, Symfony 2 has been released. Recently Symfony 4 has been released. It still maintains contracts set back in Symfony 2 times. Django 2.0 was released starting this year. It maintains contract with Django 1 released back in 2006. Rails 5 still follows contract from early rails versions.

    What is a contract? To put it simply, its an promise made by technology's author that as long as you do something in specified way, things will keep working. Why is it important in our times? Because people eventually discovered that if you have this project A that follows contract, and this project B that follows same contract, they can be used together with little or no extra work because of same contract.

    Discorse follows "Rails Engine" contract. The reason there are no "Discourse Portal" or "Discourse Gallery" or "Discourse Blogs" addons lies in fact that any blog/cms/portal or gallery solution that was written in Rails following that contract will work with it.

    Now, why I've mentioned the wordpress's JSON API? This is another biggie. We are living in times when a lot of projects come with JSON, REST or GraphQL API of their own. Those API are increasingly becoming an integration layer for different technologies, eventually making services architecture in web apps something easy and approachable, and no longer domain of enterprise solutions costing big buck. And yes, thanks to this JSON API that Worpdress provides and JSON API that Discourse provides, you now have plugins writen in both Ruby and PHP that let you enable different features on those two.
  3. amir22

    amir22 Neophyte

  4. Daniel

    Daniel Guest

    It's probably not IPS 4.2, but such landing page and the content related stuff could be very easy accomplished with it.

    Pages App as landing page and for the news.
    There are also at least 2 lovely 3rd party apps for such footers.
  5. amir22

    amir22 Neophyte

    thank you so much daniel
  6. Dan18

    Dan18 Fan

    That is using Wordpress.
  7. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Opinionated asshat

    Actually not... some people (and some companies) do NOT want multiple vendors to have to deal with.
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